FanPost - policy change?

Working on the West Coast this year, I don't often see Chiefs games. Accordingly, I've logged into throughout the season at game time. Announcing has been excellent and it's a great idea that many other teams haven't apparently implemented. It builds the fan base and helps keep those far-away in-touch with the Chiefs.

Today I logged-on and found a "Service Unavailable" notice. Then I went to the main KC Chiefs site, and noticed that KCChiefs Radio was not in the "Audio" tab at the main site. Instead a podcast of a Soren Petro show recorded earlier in the week was pimped. This is a policy that New England has with their games, probably because they have some sort of licensing through CBS. I connected to a couple of the radio stations on their radio network list during the game, and all I got was music or prerecorded junk.

The Chiefs do a lot of things New England does. So, at the Chiefs site, when I saw the "Service Unavailable" message today, in league with what appears to be changes in the KC Chiefs audio policy, I got pissed. I sent the Chiefs an email through their site's email form during the game when I couldn't follow the game. It was to the Chiefs (a business), and not to us fans, so my tone emphasized annoyance and $$$:

Dear KC Media Administrator

I see KC Chiefs radio is unavailable for streaming during the game today. If so, decision to cut KC Chiefs radio streaming is consistent with New England audio streaming policy. That is to say, it's mistaken and misguided. Broadcasting weekday radio shows in place of live games isn't even a loss leader. It's an intellectual property control mistake made by media companies who have been driving away their own customers. CBS (NE media contract) consistently displays over-zealous DRM management to their detriment in several markets. Hint: leave some avenue open for low-income supporters to at least listen to games.

In other words, streaming audio INCREASES interest and publicity and advertising revenue for the Chiefs by those who can't attend anyway. Streaming does not DECREASE interest in the Chiefs. Hire someone with an IQ over 100 and market analysis skills. Isn't your organization a business?

Some of us temporarily live so far from KC that we can't follow the games any other way than streaming. KC Chiefs radio was a perfect compromise for that, now apparently eliminated. Nice work during the holiday season.

Russell Humboldt

Of course, this may have been an overreaction. Maybe. It might be a technical glitch and not a policy change? I don't like this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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