Cowher versus Haley! The Ultimate Celebrity Deathmatch!!!

Hello AP! I was just reading 1mile's post "What do we want?". I was trying to answer it when I decided it was 420. Then I thought about 1970's chili. MMM! Anyway his post made me decide to go ahead and throw out MY feelings on a topic that has occasionally, especially lately, become a hot bed for conversation.

So I will answer his post here in my post and add to it. You'll have to read his post first. I hope you enjoy. It's just food for thought. Our season is done and we really have nothing else to chew

Option 1 is basically asking for the Schottneheimer days to no.


Option 2 takes us back to 1968, until after our only Superbowl win. Self that would mean we would have to sit by and watch history repeat itself. No thanks.

Option 3 was a joke so again moving on...

Option 4 is of course what you should pick.

But I'll take option 5 - The Pittsburgh Steelers ONLY. "The Rooney years".  They have made every decade exciting. Even in their worst of their worst. They always have hope. They always have talent. They always have superior coaching. They have superior scouting. They have patience. They have won more Superbowls than anyone. How's that for a resume?

I reference the Patriots a lot. But, whilst they have been a great dynasty for a long time now, they have never compared to the Steelers, long term. Though suprisingly, even when they wore Buccaneer's orange, the Patriots would occasionally pop in to check out how it feels to get whipped in a Divisional Championship or Superbowl.

Personally, I want the Pittsburgh Steeler organization mentality here in KC. Which is why I like Cowher. He may not win us a superbowl, he may. We don't know. But he could come here and certainly teach this organization a LOT about how Steelers organization functions and thinks. Now, I imagine someone wants to tell me that it's not a big secret how they do things in Pittsburgh. They have years of tape out there. But I stick to my guns. When it comes to the inner machinations of their organization, If everyone knew how they did things, then they would be able to duplicate it. But no one has right?

Now, I know that it's not good to change head coaches too often, for a lot of reasons. But aside from the glaringly obvious reasons, it's also not good because it scares off head coaches. Great head coaches are more likely to work for an organization like Pittsburgh or Tennessee simply because of job security and longevity with one team. I think it sends a bad message to potential high quality head coaches, if you are quick to fire and quicker to hire.

So,if your going to make a move at head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs you would do it now or never. It's certainly not going to help this team to give the current coaching roster, even more time to draft even more players that fit their scheme, to only then bring in a new team of coaches that are going to rip the  team in a whole new direction. You know, like we just did.

Allright! That being said, I still don't think we should get rid of Haley. Not IMO. Not yet anyway. But if we did. Cowher's the guy. He hasn't coached another team since his unbelievable 15 year stint as head coach of the Steelers. He knows more about the secretive inner workings of that franchise than any other person alive. He knows things. Things he hasn't shared with any other organization yet. Things he is saving for HIS next team.

Man. Just for that alone it's tempting. That all being said. I have no real super strong opinion either way. I think it's probably best for now to stick with Haley. But I think if Cowher is available you can't just pretend he's not and look the other way. It's food for thought. This would make for a great celebrity deathmatch. So who wins this deathmatch? Cowher or Haley?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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