The Great Cornerback Debate




How important is a cornerback for a team?  I think that if you have a good to great cornerback then your team is a lot stronger.  Most people look at corners but only stop at one stat and that is interceptions.  Is that all a cornerback should be responsible for?  Sure, interceptions are great but not everything.  What if your cornerback has 60 tackles but only 1 interception?  Is that corner doing his job?  What if he has 22 passes defended during that same stretch?  What I'm saying is that you have to look at everything when it comes to a good secondary player.  I think tackles are key to any player.  If a player can't tackle that well then they should give up. I compared the top tackling corners on every team and both our starting corners just for kicks—Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr.  I compared solo tackles and if there is a tie then I broke that tie by assisted tackles.  I also compared interceptions and passes defended.  If there was a tie for interceptions I would take the guy with the most passes defended for the tie breaker. If there was a tie for passes defended the tiebreaker would go to the corner with the most interceptions. The player with the best stats would win the tiebreaker.  I’ll highlight our two corners in the table. I also put the team the corners play for and how many of each stat they have.


Solo Tackles


Passes Defended

1. William Gay-Pitt 56

1. Charles Woodson-GB 8

1. Darrelle Revis-NYJ 27

2. Nick Harper-Tenn 56

2. Darrelle Revis-NYJ 6

2. J. Joseph-Cin 19

3. Charles Woodson-GB 56

3. J. Joseph-Cin 5

3. Chris Johnson-Oak 17

4. Bryant McFadden-Ari 56

4. Leigh Bodden-NE 5

4. Brandon Flowers-KC 16

5. Chris Johnson-Oak 55

5. Sheldon Brown-Phi 5

5. T. Newman-Dal 16

6. Jerraud Powers-Ind 55

6. Terrell Thomas-NYG 4

6. Leigh Bodden-NE 15

7. Terrell Thomas-NYG 52

7. DeAngelo Hall-Was 4

7. Bryant McFadden-Ari 15

8. Champ Bailey-Den 52

8. Chris Johnson-Oak 3

8. Charles Woodson-GB 14

9. Charles Tillman-Chi 52

9. Brandon Flowers-KC 3

9. Brandon Carr-KC 14

10. Ronde Barber-TB 52

10. R. Marshall-Car 3

10. Sheldon Brown-Phi 13

11. R. Marshall-Car 51

11. Derek Cox-Jac 3

11. Will Peterson-Det 12

12. Cedric Griffin-Min 51

12. Tracy Porter-NO 3

12. Josh Wilson-Sea 12

13. Derek Cox-Jac 49

13. Vontae Davis-Mia 3

13. Terrell Thomas-NYG11

14. T. Newman-Dal 47

14. Cedric Griffin-Min 3

14. R. Marshall-Car 11

15. Will Peterson-Det 46

15. T. Newman-Dal 2

15. Derek Cox-Jac 10

16. Brandon Flowers-KC 46

16. Will Peterson-Det 2

16. Eric Wright-Cle 10

17. Ronald Bartell-STL 46

17. Josh Wilson-Sea 2

17. Jerraud Powers-Ind 10

18. J. Joseph-Cin 44

18. Eric Wright-Cle 2

18. Champ Bailey-Den 10

19. Brandon Carr-KC 44

19. Quentin Jammer-SD 2

19. D. Foxworth-Bal 10

20. Leigh Bodden-NE 42

20. Brent Grimes-Atl 2

20. Glover Quin-Hou 9

21. S. Spencer-SF 42

21. Charles Tillman-Chi 2

21. Tracy Porter-NO 8

22. Glover Quin-Hou 41

22. Jerraud Powers-Ind 1

22. Vontae Davis-Mia 8

23. Eric Wright-Cle 41

23. Champ Bailey-Den 1

23. Quentin Jammer-SD 8

24. Reggie Corner-Buf 40

24. D. Foxworth-Bal 1

24. William Gay-Pitt 8

25. Brent Grimes-Atl 40

25. S. Spencer-SF 1

25. DeAngelo Hall-Was 7

26. Quentin Jammer-SD 39

26. Reggie Corner-Buf 1

26. Brent Grimes-Atl 7

27. Darrelle Revis-NYJ 39

27. Bryant McFadden-Ari 0

27. S. Spencer-SF 7

28. D. Foxworth-Bal 39

28. Brandon Carr-KC 0

28. Charles Tillman-Chi 6

29. Tracy Porter-NO 38

29. Glover Quin-Hou 0

29. Ronde Barber-TB 6

30. Sheldon Brown-Phi 36

30. William Gay-Pitt 0

30. Reggie Corner-Buf 5

31. Josh Wilson-Sea 36

31. Ronde Barber-TB 0

31. Ronald Bartell-STL 5

32. DeAngelo Hall-Was 32

32. Ronald Bartell-STL 0

32. Cedric Griffin-Min 4

33. Vontae Davis-Mia 32

33. Nick Harper-Tenn 0

33. Nick Harper-Tenn 4



Out of 33 corners in the NFL Brandon Flowers ranks 5th overall and Brandon Carr ranks 17th overall when I averaged everything together.  These aren’t bad numbers for our young corners. So right there is a positive thing for our team.  Ranked number 1 overall is Charles Woodson. Ranked last is a tie between Reggie Corner and Ronald Bartell. Things I found interesting was that Nick Harper was ranked 2 in tackles but dead last in interceptions and passes defended.  Does that make him a bad corner?  William Gay was ranked 1st in tackles but low in interceptions and passes defended. Darrelle Revis ranked 2nd and 1st in interceptions and passes defended but at the bottom of the list in tackles. Does that make him a bad corner?  There is really no wrong way to answer these questions.  All I know is that we have 2 of the best corners in the league and they are only getting better.  Go Chiefs!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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