Your Week 15 Glass of Kool Aid

From the FanPosts. Kind of a tradition. - Woodman


Well my friends, after three straight weeks of games that are pretty hard to swallow the Kool Aid is getting a little watered down.  By that I mean it's getting harder to find new things to write about.  There are still things to be positive about but most of them are the same things to be positive about in weeks 13, 14, etc.  I did try to dig up some new stats to lift your spirits.  So here you go, your glass of Kool Aid for week 15.


  • In his 5 games as the Chiefs starting RB Jamaal Charles has totaled 570 combined yards rushing and receiving.  That is fourth in the league over that span behind Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, and Steven Jackson.  If you average that over an entire season he would have over 1,800 all purpose yards and 16 TDs.  Against the Bills last week he racked up the most rushing yards by a Chiefs RB since week 4 of last season (24 games).
  • Flowers and Carr are starting to put up some numbers that compare with the top corner teams in the league.  They have a combined 33 passes defended which ranks sixth in the league behind Cincy's Hall and Joseph (48), NYJ's Revis and Sheppard (40, of which 33 are Revis!), Philly's Samuel and Brown (38), GB's Woodson and Williams (37), and Dallas' Newman and Jenkins (35).
  • In case you haven't heard we get D-Bowe back this week.  That in and of itself is good news.  However, the better news is that for the third time this season Matt Cassel will have both Bowe and Chambers in the starting line up.  In the 2 previous games where he had them both in the line up he completed 57.5% of his passes for 239 yards/game, 6.4 yards/attempt, and 2 TDs to 1 INT.  In the other 10 starts he has completed 54% of his passes for 173 yards/game, 5.4 yards/attempt, and 11 TDs to 12 INTs.  So in the limited sample we have it appears that having Bowe and Chambers in the line up does open up our passing attack.
  • This one is my favorite.  We are UNDEFEATED in games where Charles, Bowe, and Chambers are all in the starting line up.  Okay, so we're just 1-0, but no one can say they have beat us when all three of our top offensive weapons are in the line up.
  • With a roster short on talent we really need to get some big time players in the upcoming draft.  As we stand today we would pick 5th overall, 37th overall, and the Falcon's second rounder we got for Tony G would also land us a top 50 pick.  Three picks in the top 50 should give us a much needed infusion of talent to go along with whatever FAs Pioli brings in.

So there you go AP, another weekly glass of Kool Aid.  Sorry if some of the "flavors" are similar to previous weeks but I tried to give you some new statistical data to help you battle the "haters" out there.  So stay positive AP, at least it will be over soon and the official "mock mania" can commence.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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