Cement Trucks and Cranes








Well here we are. Another Monday morning. Another Chiefs loss. Mondays are usually pretty slow for news. This is the time to reflect on what we saw and what, if anything the Chiefs can hang their hard hat on. Cue the Cassel and Haley doubters. The Pendergast lynch mob. The Koolaid salesman will start setting up shop. The Silver Miners start looking for lining. And at least a couple of Scouts are preparing mock drafts. Yes, the inhabitants of the Chiefs Kingdom are getting restless in the spin cycle that is yet another losing season. The jesters are running out of balls to juggle.

As I said in an article last week, the Chiefs have gone as far as they can go. They aren't losing because of bad coaching, poor play calls, and bad quarter back play. The Chiefs are losing because, collectively, they are simply not talented enough. Due to this deficiency you will not see the team improve this year. It simply isn't possible. The Chiefs are instilling a program here. This is year one of that program. Some might say it is important for the coaches to adapt their system to the players they have. To a certain extend that is true. Josh McDaniels has done a fantastic job of adapting his system to the players he has in Denver. He certainly isn't running the offense that he ran with Tom Brady and Randy Moss in NE. Josh McDaniels had the luxury of taking over an 8-8 team with many pieces in place. He is in a position to install his program slowly over time while maintaining a winning record. He has this luxary because of the team that he inherited. Time will tell if he is able to successfully accomplish this task. It isn't always easy as Chiefs fans know all too well.

Herman Edwards inherited a 10-6 team. He claimed he wouldn't change the Chiefs potent offense but was forced to do so out of necessity due to the loss of Trent Green. For all the criticism Herman received, what he did with the Chiefs in his first season was nothing short of remarkable. He put the season on the back of his best players, Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez and sneaked into the playoffs with a career backup QB and an aging team on the decline. Edwards failed because he was not able to slowly install his program and then, following a 4-12 season he tried to do what he should have been allowed to do in his first season, which was blow up an old team and start over.

Haley and company have inherited a blown up team, an unfinished construction project. It's been an eyesore in the neighborhood for a couple of years now. The neighbors would like it to just be finished so they don't have to look out their windows at cranes and cement trucks every day. Unfortunately for the neighbors, this isn't possible. The new guys taking over the job have their own plans. They want to build a 5 story building but the foundation was only laid for a three stories. They can't try to stack two extra stories on a foundation laid for three  or the building will crumble. No, it may have meant more construction but the new guys need to rip up the old, unfinished foundation and start over.

Such is the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs. Most Chiefs fans wanted a new regime. Most Chiefs fans did not think Herm and his staff were the right team to bring the Chiefs back to respectability. Chiefs fans got what they wanted, a total house cleaning. Everyone was happy. Then they saw the cement trucks rolling in again and panic set in. People are already calling for the coaches head and calling the GM a hack. These guys are simply laying a new foundation for a new offense and defense. This building isn't going to look shiny and new for a while. There is going to be a few more years of construction. What are folks complaining about? It's what they asked for.

The foundation has been laid. The program is in place and the new guys are going to start building up now. Do you really want to replace them and bring in someone else because I assure you, if a new team is brought in they are going to have their own plans and they are going to rip out this foundation. The construction will continue, maybe forever. Just ask Oakland Raider fans what a whole lot of impatience and coaching changes has gotten them. Cement trucks and cranes.

 If you care to look out your window at the job site, you need not look for a story to be put in. You won't see the Chiefs "team" improve this year because they have gone as far as they can go. The coaches and GM will evaluate what they have and order more supplies. What you should look for is what is working, not what isn't working. Not yet anyway. It's like complaining there is no roof before there are walls. Look at Tamba Hali slowly and steadily improving as an OLB. Look at the eradication of the infestation that was Larry Johnson and the shiny new paint job that is Jamaal Charles. Look at the emergence of Andy Studebaker as a possible diamond in the rough starter at OLB. Look at the veteran leadership of Mike Vrabel that guided him. Look at the young and promising special teams players that are getting on the field and contributing like Javon Belcher and Piere Walters. Look the incredible upside of players like Leggett, Washington and even Daniels. Look at Ryan O'Callahan doing solid enough job at RT that he may save the Chiefs a draft pick to use elsewhere.

As frustrating as it is to see more losing we must look at what is being done here. Yes, next year we better see some walls going up. Maybe even a story or two. Progress must be made. I for one am willing to let these guys finish what they are building. When it is done, if it's ugly, they will be sent on their way but I want to see the finished project.

I'm not calling for new foreman's just yet. I'm sick of construction too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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