Chiefs 2010 Draft Postion (Mock Draft ver. 2.0)

Well not only did we lose the game today, but we failed to improve our drafting position for 2010.  As it looks now, the Chiefs will be drafting 5th overall. If we fail to beat the Browns, which I could definitely see happening, then we will probably be picking 4th overall. Another year, and another top 5 pick. Pioli and co. must get a sure fire player with this pick. I am not one of the many who are down on Dorsey and Jackson. I see steady improvement and think they will make for a solid D Line, once a true nose tackle is obtained. I know many of you wanted Curry with our pick last year, but he has been somewhat of a disappointment this season. That being said, below are my FA pickups, and draft selections.

Free Ageny:


NT, Casey Hampton - The Steelers drafted Ziggy Hood to replace Hampton once his contract was up. Hampton is 32, but still is a dominant nose tackle. Pioli knows the importance of the NT, and I would bet my savings he goes out and gets one.

C, Justin Hartwig - Hartwig almost became a Chief once, and will most likely become one this time around. He is a very good center who comes from a winning franchise. He will provide more leadership to the oline, something that is much needed. He is also from the area.

ILB, Larry Foote - Larry Foote wont resign with the Detroit Lions, instead he will look to get back to his roots, the 3-4 defense. He comes from the Steelers pedigry, and would provide us with a LB who can play the run and the pass. He also is an excellent blitzer up the middle in the 3-4 defense. The Chiefs need more players with 3-4 experience, and hes the guy.

FS, Nick Collins - Collins is the playmaker the chiefs secondary needs. He can take an INT to the house, or step up and play the run. Collins presents something that the Chiefs safties are missing, speed. Grabbing a playmaking safety is a neccesity, because we will see Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson twice a season.




Round 1

 ILB, Rolando McClain (Alabama)

Height: 6'4

Weight: 258 lbs.

Overview: McClain has been rising up draft boards all season. He is the prototypical center piece to a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. Long arms make him a sure tackler, and his speed plays to his advantage in the run game and passing game. Rolando can cover the RB out of the backfield, or the TE over the middle of the field. A leadership role has also been taken on this year by McClain. Look out for McClain to come in and make an impact, such as Patrick Willis did for the 49'ers.


Chiefs Note: This is the leader on defense the Chiefs seek. Vrabel is a good leader, but his stats don't allow him to lead by example. I can see this being the pick because Pioli loves to build his defense through the draft.


Round 2

OT, Anthony Davis (Rutgers)

Height: 6'6

Weight: 325 lbs.

Overview: Davis is only a Junior, and if he decides to stay another year, he will be the number one tackle taken off of the board. The tricky thing is, the rookie salary cap looks to be on the horizon, causing many Juniors to jump early. The tackle position is deep this year with quailty seniors, and they will go before the juniors due to expierence. Davis has immense potential to be a corner stone left tackle, for an NFL team.


Chiefs Note: The chiefs offensive line has been nothing short of horrendous. They will look to add protection for the 60 million dollar man (Cassel). Brandon Albert has been decent, but giving up 9 sacks (so far) isnt cutting it. Davis comes in and plays left tackle, and Albert moves to left guard, the position he played in college.


Round 2

DE/OLB, Brandon Graham (Michigan)

Height: 6'2

Weight 263 lbs.

Overview: Brandon Graham leads the nation in TFL (tackles for loss), with 26.5. Graham is an disruptve force who lives in the backfield. He has also posted back to back 10.5 sack seasons. Some may say 10.5 sacks is not alot, but keep in mind that he has no help on that Michigan defensive line, and he is frequently going against double teams and chips. Graham also has to be accounted for on special teams. In 2009 he recorded two blocked punts, and returned another blocked punt for a touchdown. Graham can put his hand in the dirt, or work out of an 2-point stance. He draws alot of comparisons to Lamar Woodley, not only because they both played for Michigan, but because of his tenacity and skill set.


Chiefs Note: The Chiefs desperately need someone opposite of Tamba Hali. Imagine what the guy could do if he wasnt always the focus of the offenive line. Having Graham on the other side will free Tamba to wreck shop more frequently. With a nose tackle to push the pocket, Tamba and Graham would often meet at the quarterback.


Round 3

WR, Danario Alexander (Missouri)

Height: 6'5

Weight: 215 lbs.

Overview: Leading the nation in yardage is Danario Alexander. Some way, some how he has flown under the radar as far as the nation spot light goes. Alexander put up crazy numbers in the Border War, against Kansas. 15 catchs for 233 yards and a touchdown. On the season his stats are equally as crazy. 107 receptions for 1,644 yards, and 13 touchdowns. You think those statistics sound crazy, then read these; Alexander recorded four consecutive games with double digits receptions and 175+ yards (3 of the games being 200+). It is a shame that Alexander wasnt a top 10 finalist for the Belitnikof award, because he truely deserved it. Alexander can come into the NFL and make an immediate imapct down the field, on third downs, and in the redzone.


Chiefs Note: So im sure we have all witnessed the 40 drops by the Chiefs WRs. Not one Chiefs WR is consistent. Some fans want to believe Dwayne Bowe is a bonafide #1 WR, but I beg to differ; he is also apart of the problem. Look for the Chiefs to add their own 6'5 WR (B. Marshall, V. Jackson, C Schilens are also 6'5) to round out the AFC West. Alexander can come in and provide Cassel with a big target, somethig that he is use to having (Moss). Alexander can cure some of our 3rd down and redzone problems.


Round 4

OT/OG, Vladimir Duccasse (Massachusetts)

Height: 6'5

Weight: 320 lbs.

Overview: Duccasse is a fiery, durable, athletic tackle that can also play guard. He has a mean streak that many scouts look for in an offensive linemen. He also shows a high motor and good work ethic. His work ethic and drive not only come from his love of the game but come from the circumstaces of his family in Haiti. Duccasse will not be fueled by money, but by his desire to provide for his family, and show them the meaning of hard work and success. I'm not so sure he could come in and start right away, but after sitting, and learning from veterans, he could become an pro bowl caliber player in no time.


Chiefs Note: Pioli has already watched him workout once this year during a weekly practice, and was impressed. Ducccase could play tackle, but look for him to shed 10 pounds and play gaurd. He would probaby sit and learn, and then eventually take over for the aging Brian Waters. This most likely happens in 2011. Duccasse athletisism would prove to be benifiticial to our zone scheme.


Round 5

TE, Colin Peek (Alabama)

Height: 6'5

Weight: 255 lbs.


Overview: Colin Peek did not produce much in the passing game for Alabama in 2009, but that doesnt mean he cant be a reliable target in the NFL. Peek is a big target who has sure hands. Catching isnt his only talent, he is an excellent blocking tight end. Against Ole mIss, he often blocked DE Greg Hardy, and handled him exceptionally well. Peek excels at sealing the edge, and blocked for the 2009 Heisman winner, Mark Ingam. Peek could come into the NFL and be an extension of the offensive line, and help move the chains on third downs.


Chiefs Note: Tight end has been known as one of the weakest positions on the Chiefs roster in 2009. Sean Ryan started out as the starter and gave up a high number of sacks. Recently Pope has come in, and gotten the wraps on the position. He has blocked failry well, and has caught some key balls. That being said, Pope still isnt the answer at TE. Peek would come in and provide a safety valve for Cassel, and help seal edges for the speedy Jamaal Charles.


Round 5

RB, Lagarette Blount

Height: 6'2

Weight: 240 lbs.

Overview: Blount lost his starting job due to the punch heard around the nation. That punch has hurt his draft day prospects alot. Look for Blount to fall to the later rounds. Blount can be a force with the ball. He is a vry strong kid, who can lower the pads and lower the boom. He also has a little speed to his game.


Chiefs Note: I wont hold the punch against Blunt. Life is not only about making mistaks, but it is about what you learned from the mistake, and how you recover. Blount has recovered nicely, and hopefully he can go on to have a productive NFL career. He will provide the Chiefs with a change of pace, and short yardage back.


(I understand we have 2 more picks in the 5th round, but my knowledge on NCAA football does not run that deep. I would just like to see the Chiefs find a good return guy with speed, and a project cornerback)


2010 Starting Lineups:



Receivers - Bowe, Alexander, Long, Peek

O Line - Davis, Albert, Hartwig, Waters, O'Callahan

QB & RB - Cassel, Charles, Blount



Secondary - Carr, Collins, Brown, Flowers

Linebackers - Hali, Foote, McClain, Graham

D Line - Jackson, Hampton, Dorsey


Closing Remarks: I put alot of thought and effort in to this. I tried to steer clear from big name free agent pickups. Big time free agents wont make their way over to KC until we show promise, and start winning some games. I think the moves I have put together are very solid, and could lead the Chiefs to a respectable 7-9/8-8 season. Im still hoping and praying that the Chiefs trade for Anquan Boldin. I don't see him being in AZ next year, because Breaston is a free agent, and they cant pay both. I would love to see Anquan and Danario paired up, it could be magic! I didnt include that in my offseason moves, simply because you cannot predict trades. Let me know what you guys think!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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