Charles Still Showing He's the Best Player on the Chiefs

Lost in the Kansas City Chiefs 16-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills was Jamaal Charles' incredible day, possibly his best as a Chief.  Charles recorded a touchdown for the fifth consecutive game.  Before he became the featured back, the Chiefs hadn't scored a rushing touchdown all season.

We asked Charles if there was any sort of silver lining in the Chiefs loss today.

"No, because we still lost the game," he said after the game. "It would've been better if we had won the game. If I had more rushing yards, maybe we could have won the game."

The Chiefs as a team ran the ball 26 times and Charles took 20 of those carries for 143 yards.  On top of that, he caught seven of eight balls thrown his way for another 38 yards.

The big one, of course, was a 76 yard scamper that put six points on the board. It was the longest run by a Chief in nearly 10 years to the day (12/12/99) and the seventh longest in franchise history.

"We ran a perfect play and I just took it to the house," Charles told us.

Bills head coach Perry Fewell said, "They caught me in the blitz and it was a bad call."  I had some tendencies, I thought, on them [I thought I could predict what they were going to do] and they caught me."

Charles said that he didn't know if he was going to score when he got into space because the Bills had a few fast players as well.  Standing next to me, the HOFer, Len Dawson, then said, "But you raced against [Usain] Bolt." 

"Yeah, I did," Charles responded. "All I wanted to do was make a play and get the team and the fans back into the game."

Charles said the coaching staff had a plan to give him plenty of carries, which is part of the reason he wasn't back there returning kicks.

"They're just trying to get me ready to run the ball more and get ready and focused on just trying to be a running back.  I think it worked today, but I still would have gone in on special teams to help my team out."

While Charles said he and the rest of his teammates were "sad because it's another loss", he's glad to be given the opportunity that, frankly, he probably should have been given at the beginning of the season.

"It's another opportunity to show what kinda of player I am," he said. "I'm a physical player and I can run the ball just like Chris Johnson does."

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