A History of Quarterbacking in Kansas City

This is a history of the Chief's starting QBs, and a statistical ranking of their performances with the team. I crunched the numbers myself.

Statistical preface: Ratings are determined by averaging the end of season  QB rating for every year the player was a starter for the Chiefs. A starter is herein defined as a QB who threw over 15 pass in at least 5 games of a season.

Todd Blackledge: 5 seasons w/ KC (1983 - 1987)

Rating 59.0

Originally from Canton, OH, Balckledge was a player that the Chiefs thought could eventually retire back to that town. This did not happen and he ends up as statistically the worst QB in Chiefs history. He is the Epic fail of Quarterback drafting.


Cotton Davidson: 3 seasons w/ DAL (1960 - 1962)

Rating 61.7

The first QB of our franchise, but wasn't a very good one. As it turned out getting rid of him was very beneficial. The draft pick he was traded for was used to select Buck Buchanan and his absence allowed Len Dawson to be signed. Maybe the best cut in franchise history.


Mike Livingston: 12 seasons w/ KC (1968 - 1979)

Rating 63.5

Livingston filled in for Dawson during the 69 Superbowl campaign, which was his only significant achievement during his long tenure with the team.


Steve Fuller: 4 seasons w/ KC (1979 - 1982)

Rating 66.1

The youngest QB to ever start for the Chiefs. Saw intermittent playing time and little success. His only statistical achievement is being KC's most sacked QB. As a side not, Steve Fuller happens to be my grandfather's cousin, and I share his surname.


Steve Bono: 3 seasons w/ KC (1994-1996)

Rating 73.8

Oh no, Bono! The Chiefs had had success in years prior by picking up 49er castoff QBs so they resorted to it again. In 1995 Bono led the Chiefs to 13 wins and got himself into the pro bowl. Maybe the pro bowl voters didn't see it, but KC fans did; he was a stinker.


Elvis Grbac: 4 seasons w/ KC (1997-2000)

Rating 75.9

When Elvis left the building, he and KC both were glad he was gone. He did somehow get a pro bowl berth in 2000, but his lasting legacy will be his 1998 selecion as "sexist athelete." Legend has it that the pople magazine photogrpaher was told to photograph the "cheifs quarterback," intended to be Rich Gannon. Erroneous award or not, his play was definately not sexy.


Tyler Thigpen: 3 seasons w/ KC ( 2007 - 2009)

Rating 76.0

A player most of us have some affection for, even if we don't think he was that good. "Bones" gave KC a fun player to watch during an otherwise abysmal 2008 season. To hell with the stats, Thigpen is a hero simply for keeping himself alive that year.

Bill Kenney: 10 seasons w/ KC (1979-1988)

Rating: 77.5

Kenney has the distinct honor of being the only Mr. Irrelivant to have ever made the pro bowl. He was a solid QB on a bad football team. Eventually he got fed up wtih loosing on  junk team and got into an individual sport: Politics. He was elected as a Republican to the MO state senate representing Lee's Summit.


Rich Gannon: 4 seasons w/ KC (1995 - 1998)

Rating 80.0

Before Jared Allen, if you asked a Chiefs fan which player they regret the team cutting the most, Gannon would have been the response. He substituted for, and outplayed, both Grbac and Bono but both were slotted in front of him upon their respective returns. Gannon's stellar play earned him "trade fodder" status and he was sent away to Oakland. When Gannon came into the NFL, the viking thought so little of him as a QB that they wanted him to play DB. Gannon made a carrer of proving people who aren't named john gruden wrong.


Dave Kreig: 2 seasons w/ KC (1991 - 1992)

Rating 80.7

Originally undrafted, he became a top end QB for the Seahawks. eventually he ended up in KC and led the team to 10 wins in 1992. He was retained in 1993 but lost the starting job to HOFer Joe Montana.


Steve DeBerg: 4 seasons w/ KC (1988 - 1991)

Rating 81.2

A good QB most of his carrer, he did well in a Chief's uniform.  In 1990 he threw a ludicrously low 4 INTs all season


Len Dawson: 14 seasons w/ DAL/KC: (1962 - 1975)

Rating 82.4

If you ask a Chief's fan who the Chief's best QB, was, you're unlikely to get a response other than Lenny Dawson. He Led the Cheifs to two superbowls, and brought the city it's only Lombardi trophy. Sometimes I wish Len had a few more snaps left in him, but I'll be content listening to him broadcast the games with Mitch Holthus.


Joe Montana: 2 Seasons w/ KC ( 1993 - 1994)

Rating 85.5

Considered by many the best QB in history, he wrapped up his carrer as a Chief. Both years in KC were statistically his worst since he rookie year, but he still played well enough to get the team to the AFC championship game in 1993. He is the last Chief's QB to win a playoff game.

So if we've passed Dawson and Montana, who is left to be the best Cheif's QB?


Trent Green: 6 seasons with KC (2001 - 2006)

Rating 86.0

Dick Vermil liked Green since he fist laid eyes on him and was intent on brigging his guy with him to KC from STL.  Green had a rough 1st year, but went on to post 4 consecutive 90+ passer rating seasons. He earned 2 pro bowl selections and holds most KC passing records.

Damon Huard: 5 seasons w/ KC

Rating 87.4

Nope, not even Trent Green ranks as the statistically best passer in KC history. That nod goes to Damon Huard. I think him far from KC's best, but he served admirably in a chaotic time for the team. Best backup maybe?


87.4 Huard

86.0 Green

85.5 Montana

82.4 Dawson

81.2 DeBerg

80.7 Kreig

80.0 Gannon

77.5 Kenney

76.0 Thigpen

75.9 Grbac

73.8 Bono

66.1 Fuller

63.5 Davidson

61.7 Blackledge

There it is, the Cheifs QB hstory by the numbers.

If you had to rank the Top 5 QB the Chiefs have ever had, how ould you rank them?


If you're interested, the following is a list of franchise records accomplished by Texans/Chiefs quarterbacks from 1960–2008.

[edit] Career

  • Games started, total: Len Dawson, 158 (1962–1975).[20]
  • Games played, total: Len Dawson, 182 (1962–1975).[20]
  • Games started, consecutive: Trent Green, 81 (2001–2006).[46]
  • Passing yards: Len Dawson, 28,507 (1962–1975).[22][20]
  • Touchdowns scored: Len Dawson, 237 (1962–1975).[22][20]
  • Most passes had intercepted: Len Dawson, 178 (1962–1975).[22][99]
  • Highest passer rating: Trent Green, 87.3 (2001–2006).[46][45]
  • Passing attempts: Len Dawson, 3,696 (1962–1975).[22][20]
  • Passing completions: Len Dawson, 2,115 (1962–1975).[22][20]
  • Passing completion percentage: Trent Green, 61.94 (2001–2006).[40][46]
  • Most 300-yard passing games: Trent Green, 24 (2001–2006).[40][46]
  • Regular season wins: Len Dawson, 94 (1962–1975).[22][20]
  • Times sacked (compiled since 1972): Bill Kenney, 195 (1980–1988).[99]
  • Longest pass completion: Trent Green to Marc Boerigter, 99 (December 12, 2002 vs. San Diego Chargers).[99]

[edit] Season

  • Touchdowns scored: Len Dawson, 30 (1964).[99]
  • Touchdowns scored, rookie: Steve Fuller, 6 (1979).[99]
  • Yards gained:, Trent Green, 4,591 (2004).[99]
  • Yards gained, rookie: Steve Fuller, 1,484 (1979).[99]
  • Passes had intercepted: Trent Green, 24 (2001).[99]
  • Passes had intercepted, rookie: Steve Fuller, 14 (1979).[99]
  • Fumbles: Steve Fuller, 16 (1980).[99]
  • Times sacked (compiled since 1972): Steve Fuller, 49 (1980).[99]
  • Passing attempts: Bill Kenney, 603 (1983).[99]
  • Passing completions: Trent Green, 369 (2004).[99]
  • Most 300-yard passing games: Trent Green, 8 (2003).[99]
  • Most passing attempts, rookie: Steve Fuller, 270 (1979).[99]
  • Most passing completions, rookie: Steve Fuller, 146 (1979).[99]

[edit] Game

  • First quarterback to throw and catch a touchdown pass: Tyler Thigpen (November 2, 2008 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers).[100]
  • Youngest quarterback to start: Steve Fuller, 22 (September 16, 1979 vs. Houston Oilers).[32]
  • Oldest quarterback to start: Warren Moon, 44 (November 26, 2000 vs. San Diego Chargers).[64]
  • Touchdowns scored: Len Dawson, 6 (November 1, 1964 vs. Denver Broncos).[23][99]
  • Highest passer rating: Trent Green, 158.3 (December 12, 2002 vs. Detroit Lions).[99]
  • Passes attempted: Two players tied–Joe Montana; Steve Bono, 55 (October 9, 1994 vs. San Diego Chargers; December 12, 1994 vs. Miami Dolphins).[99]
  • Passes attempted, no interceptions: Trent Green, 47 (December 7, 2003 vs. Denver Broncos).[99]
  • Passes completed: Elvis Grbac, 39 (November 5, 2000 vs. Oakland Raiders).[99]
  • Passes completed, consecutive: Len Dawson, 16 (September 9, 1967 vs. Houston Oilers).[23][99]
  • Yards gained: Elvis Grbac, 504 (November 5, 2000 vs. Oakland Raiders).[99]
  • Times sacked: Steve Fuller, 10 (November 2, 1980 vs. Baltimore Colts).[99]
  • Most passes had intercepted: Todd Blackledge, 6 (October 20, 1985 vs. Los Angeles Rams).[99]

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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