Things are improving!

Look, to be fair. I know most of you think I am one sided and very opinionated with regards to Haley and especially Matt Cassel. I understand that. But let's clear the air. I am VERY opionated, but I'm very flexible. My opinion is based on what I see. If I see horrible things on the field every Sunday, then my opionion will be based on what I see; horrible things.

But if that changes and I see good things, then my opinion will be based on what I see at that time; good things.

So yes I am opinionated but never set in stone. In a moment I will throw out a few stats that really impressed me. Especially given that these stats are from a team that is really no more than an old school expansion team. Given that the "new" rules actually give expansion teams a lot of advantages nowadays. And, also given the fact that our team is made up mostly, of what I consider to be next years's elite backups, these stats are very cool. Let's jump then we'll talk.

Let's face it. We do not have a high number of players starting for us this year that will be starters next year. I mean not many of them are good enough to start for any team in the NFL. But their starting here. And that's important to me. You see these guys have carried the load of a starter in the NFL, when most of them were probably expecting to be a backup for some team. I doubt many of them saw themselves ending up in KC and starting. So when Pioli does his draft magic and FA magic next year, which he better do and I mean that,  and he gets us some high calibre starters, many of our starters this year will be demoted to 2nd team. So we should have the best backups in the NFL next year and I think that is going to play into our hand huge! Remember I said that and we will see if I'm right or not, but that's my thinking on that.

Ok how about this for good? We are 7th ranked in least amount of penalties. What? You got's tuh give Haley some love on that. Hey he has a real lack of talent to work with, but he's got them at least playing penalty free football, which is always credit to the coaching staff. That is undeniably a good check on the board for Haley. I feel that fact alone is all too ofent overlooked, way overlooked with our team. How impressive. With all the rag tag guys we've shuffled in and out of here, we are 7th. That's awesome.

Chiefs are 7th best in fewest int's per game. 7th folks. That's really good, especially considering the number of top quality QB's in the league this year.

Our turnover margin is 11th in the NFL. Better than Arizona, Dallas, the Giants and the suprisingly hot Cincinnati Bengals. All this from a team that has only been this team as it stands right now for two weeks. That's it. Two weeks with the current roster. As soon as Chambers made his mark Bowe got suspended. It's been one thing after another hasn't it?

We are number two in number of opponent penalties caused. TWO. The Chiefs being number two in any positive statitstic is a miracle in and of itself.

Look, the fact that Haley has this team not turning the ball over and not being penalized is to his credit. I believe that together with Pioli they decided to fix this team with a methodical one thing at at time approach. How so? I thought you would never ask.

Almost certainly Haley and Pioli would have realized that they were taking over a team that was a complete failure on every level. Knowing you can't possibly step in last minute and expect to fix every component on a team with this many issues, I'm sure they decided to pick one component at a time and make it awesome. 

Lets lay out the most basic components of a team. They would be a) offense b) defense c) special teams d) fundamentals (penalties and turnovers). You just acquired the KC Chiefs, where would you start since you know you cannot possibly fix the whole thing in one season?

Do you try to build evenly? Do you pick one or two components and focus all your energy on them until they become awesome? Then you pick the next component and do the same thing until all the components are awesome? I myself would do the latter. I would not build evenly if I were Pioli. I would pick just one or two components and focus everything on making them awesome.

 It seems to me the components they felt they could fix the quickest and have the biggest impact on right away were  special teams and fundamentals. Maybe they said something like "Look, lets just take one thing and really make it awesome and just get it out of the way so we don't even have to think about it come next year's draft". You can't possible fix this offense and defense both in one season. No way. So I think they wanted to pick one part of the team and make it awesome immediately. Get it fixed and get it out of the way.

They have turned our special teams into a top ten into a top ten unit. With this team, that's saying a lot. I'm sure that next year, since they won't have to worry about special teams they will turn their attention to something else and make it really good as well. They will pick either the offense or defense and just make that their main priority. Then the following year they fix the whatever's left and we're on our way.

I actually saw our offense come out swinging against the Chargers. But we are still the Chiefs and it showed. But none the less we did look better than all year to that point on an opening drive. Yes I see improvement and I will give Haley his props for it. GO Chiefs.

I believe we have the potential to win the rest of our games if we played "A" game from beginning to end. We won't of course. But it's nice to finally see something good coming out of all this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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