Coaching staff and Cassel play against Pitt, Dall

People keep bringing up the way Cassel performed in these two games. They were his best two however we need to keep in mind that Haley knows more about those teams than any teams in the league next to Arizona maybe.

Watching those games what I see is two very good game plans where WRS were WIDE OPEN all day long. I give the coaches credit for making Cassel look decent in those games. In football the game plans are not going to be perfect MOST of the time and players have to make plays Cassel has not done that.

I'm also leaving an opening here to blame Haley for bad game plans in our other games. However I really don't believe that to be the case. What I see is in those two games there was a definate area of the defense to pick on and Cassels first reads were almost allways open in those games. Most game plans and plays you are going to have to read 2-4 players to get the ball to the right one. In the games where his first read is not open on most plays he is completly horrible and you canot expect a game plan with our roster to consistantly have our first look open.

  If we had Moss and Welker maybe they would be open most of the time witch was the case last year in NE. However we do not and our QB MUST be able to process reads efficiantly witch Cassel does not do. Our QB must also have the ability to pull the defense away from the designed area of the play witch in my opinion Cassel consistantly leads the defense to the play. He does not pump fake or look off near enough when he has there has been some sucess, but he goes right back to no deception witch is equaling NO SUCCESS. 3 & outs.

 I personally do not think the fix to this problem is on the roster. Yes we could play Croyle who does have a strong arm and usually gets rid of the ball quickly, but he overthrows alot of passes. Gutteirezz is not a starting QB. I would like to see a diff QB but I cannot really argue that we have someone better than Cassel on the roster. What I am saying is we NEED someone better. We paid him more than what he should get as he is a capable back up to fill in if the starter goes down.

Major holes to fill before we can win on a consistant basis. ILB a stud who can cover and take on blockers, NT dominant, A true franchise QB who can make good reads and has the arm to make all the throws. A power back with quick feet to compliment Charles. OLB who can rush the QB oposite of Hali, CB someone who can stop the slot WR and Big enough to cover TEs, A star Safety who can play both the pass and the run.

I would of said O-Line but honestly our O-Line has been playing good enough ball to win games. I could say WR but I want to see what we look like after Bowe returns first.

Yes it looks by that list that how can I say Cassel is the problem with all those holes. The answer is simple we could of easily won atleast three more games than we have if Matt Cassel had not lost them.

 Yes Charles has some fumbles that hurt, Yes Wade and Bradley have had some bad drops, Long had some bad drops. None of those LOST the game for us, we still had a chance but consistant poor play from our QB kept it from happening. As with any team bad QB play will bring the entire teams level of play down period and I can say without a doubt the whole team is performing worse now than they were early in the season. the reason is obvious the level of EFFORT has dropped and the ONLY reason for that is no confidence in the team leader. Cassel is making the team worse.

 Haley has not benched him therfore starting to make himself out to be a liar. You tell the team we are going to play the people who give us the best chance to win, well I said we may not have the answer on the team. If you keep your word and bench the unproductive player, whether the guy that comes in does the job better or not you show your team you mean what you say and that gaines respect. right now it (appears) we have a stuck up GM who thinks his shit don't stink. A head coach who is either being told to start Cassel or is just full of shit and doesn't mean what he says about starting the people who give us the best chance to win and really means I will start the puppets who listen to everything I say.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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