Keys to the franchise

Allright in this Fanpost i'm going to go over who we should actually keep as the starters and why. I am going to reference "" alot because i like the anylisis it provides. Here goes nothing i guess.

Matt Cassel- Currently has an ok QB rating of about 78. But if you take away batted balls, thrown away passes and  hit while thrown balls his rating is a respectable 85.  Furthermore he has an 86 QB rating when not under pressure. So what does that tell you? its not him but rather the offensive line. Rich Gannon is right about Matt Cassel, he will be good.

Jamaal Charles- Hes been amazing. Even in sundays loss he was averaging over 6 yards a carry all while being a good reciever. He is ranked in the top ten in efficiency according to Pro football focus. which is rare with our current players.

Dwayne Bowe- Having a down year but is still a quality reciever. Hopefully he bounces back from his suspension with some force.

Chris Chambers- I like his style just wish he was younger.  hopefully he playsat a high level for a couple years

Leonard Pope- Kind of a low profile guy, but since coming to the chiefs has been effective. hes played esecially well in the blocking game and has caught a couple passes here and there. Perhaps a Jason Dunn kind of guy.

Branden Albert - Although having a rough year, hes got talent. Put him anywhere on the line and he'll be okay.

No one else on the offensive line has anything more than a backup role in the chiefs future. Besides Brian Waters, who seems to be on a decline in ability.

Glenn Dorsey - Amazing transition from DT to DE. Has ben stuffing the run like a 3-4 end should. He WILL be one of the best 3-4 DE's in the league within the next 5 years.

Tyson Jackson- FIrst year is tough in the trenches. Give him some time and he will impress you.

Tamba Hali- his pass rushing this year has been phenomenal. Hes rated 4th best in the league in pass rush (OLB)behind, James Harrison, Demarcus Ware and Elvis Dumerville. I'll take that anyday. He will adjust to pass coverage. Will never be a good coverage guy but he will not be bad either.

I want to put Jovan Belcher and Andy Studabaker in this but im not too sure about them as of current. Hope they end up being key people though.

Brandon Flowers- Has played well this year. when Qbs throw his way their Qb rating is about 75. which is ok but nothing noteable. He has two picks and via Pro football focus is the 8th most efficient CBin the league. Only allows 58% of the balls thrown in his coverage to be completed

Brandon Carr.-  25th most effiecient CB in the league. never goign to be great but will be a good starter. Only allows 50% of balls thrown in his coverage to be completed.

Ryan Succop - Hits 84% of his FGs. one was not his fault.(against dallas it was blocked because someone literally jumped over or lineman) He is the 6th best placekicker  in the league, the 18th best kickoff specialist and the 15th best overall. Hes good. no doubt. Hes the boss.

Dustin Colquitt.- Top 5 in Yards be punt Avg. We all know hes good. end of story.

So what Do we lack ?

FB, Recieving TE, Probably another WR, LG,C,RG,RT, DT, ILB's, OLB, FS,SS.

wow thats alot, lets look at free agency and the draft for some help.


TE - Owen Daniels-  Probably will be resigned, coming off an injury but if hes available, hes a beast and should be looked at.

T. Marcus McNiell - Big Anchor, will also probably be sighned but who knows

T- Logan Mankins- Pioli Connection. Would help Offensive line tremendously.

T- Willie Colon- Has been one of the most effective Blockers this season

OL- Nick Kazcur- Pioli Connection plus good starter.

OLB- Elvis Dumerville- Imagine him and Hali. thatd be amazing.

DT- Vince Wilfork- Most APers want him. i do to. hes only 27 and would be nice to free up a draft pick so we dont have to get a NT.

DT- Casey Hampton- Wouldnt mind him at all if we cant get Wilfork, there was some speculation that Hampton was going to get cut to save Pitt some money earlier in the offseason. so them not resigning him is a possibility.

LB- Karlos Dansby- Haley Connection and has good talent and would upgrade LB corps.

S. Nick Collins- legit safety, would be nice to have. Not sure if the Pack has the $ to resign him.

S- Anthoine Bethea- Has had a good year. He will want a big contract but not sure if Indy will give it to him



S- Eric Berry- Everyone wants him and for good reason

WR. Dez Bryant- wouldnt  be bad if we couldnt get Berry.

OT- Russel Okung- Also a good option in the first pick

ILB- Brandon Spikes in the 2nd would be nice

Wr- Jordan Shipley would be awesome.

Those are just a couple Prospects - i'll have mock drafts later in the year.


Charlie Wiess OC? Yes i would take that

Romeo Crennel DC? That would also be an upgrade

If just a couple f these things happend it would improve our team alot.

Thanks for reading and if you liked it thank my philosophy teacher for not showing up for class andgivingm time to do this. haha Enjoy

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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