Just Rambling Some Thoughts Here

Thanks for giving this a look feel free to scrutinize me about anything but I'm just going to cover some things that I would like to get an outside opinion on.

As much as I'd love to see it, Eric Berry probably won't be a Chief.

 I was high on Taylor Mays until I saw Eric Berry play this season.. The dude looks promising, but I don't seem to recall Pioli and co. attending any Tennessee games. I'll just be honest, while I like to think I can pick out every guy who will succeed in the NFL, there's a reason why Scott Pioli talks to players and I talk about them.

Why do I get the feeling we're drafting a Tackle with our first pick hoping Mount Cody falls to us in the second?


Pioli and co. need to seriously think about trading for Sebastian Vollmer

If we could land Vollmer for our early second we will have robbed the Patriots.. Vollmer is a legitimate LT in the NFL. Some of his first NFL starts came against  Miami (Joey Porter), the Colts(Freeney/ Mathis), and the Titans (Kearse/ Vanden Bosch) and he played valiantly. Imagine Vollmer, Albert, Waters, Ndukwe (or Smith), and O'callaghan? Then again Vollmer was a second round choice so we'd probably have to throw in another pick.


I've always dreamt of having a red and gold clad Wilfork play in between two red and gold clad first round picks

But it looks like it isn't going to happen.. From everythig I've read, the Pats aren't exactly high on Ron Brace. I'm betting the plan was to let Wilfork go to free agency so they could sign Seymour to an extension and plug in the youngster. One problem, the youngster doesn't exactly look like a rockstar. So they export Seymour so they can sign Wilfork. The NT is key in the 3-4 and New England will lock theirs up for another 5 solid years of production hoping they find or develop a replacement. That said I'm crossing my fingers. If Wilfork hits the market Pioli may splurge to get him. Could you imagine the destruction!?


I get a gut feeling Mangini shatters my dreams and reels in Weis

Mangini needs somethng big to happen to save his butt from being kicked back down to coordinator or college head coach (Lane Kiffin style), and Weis is something big (in more than one way).  Plus it'd be a perfect marriage. Correct me if I'm wrong but Mangini is a defense coach, and Weis is an offense coach, no conflict, each man sticks to his guns and contributes to the greater cause. BONUS Weis would be able to work with Brady Quinn (who he fooled everyone into thinking was an NFL quarterback) and pick up some Notre Dame players with their draft position. Clausen and Tate fill two needs and will be picked around 1-5 and 32- 37 respectively.


On second thought Crennel is more important to me than Weis

I think Haley is developing a lot as an HC/OC and for his own sake he should hold on to that title until he gets some credibility in the NFL, then some young up and coming positions coach that will do everything he says can be hired. On the offensive side the position I see with the most urgency to fill is QB coach. Haley has always been a receivers guy, what the hell is he doing coaching quarterbacks!? How you find a QB coach I don't know but we need one, prefferably one that comes with a late round QB prospect to groom for the future.

 As for the defense, Pendergast's "creativity" is not working, and his strong suit (secondary) has been vastly underperforming compared to what the previous regime got out of them. I think if we can keep Pendergast on as a secondary coach and bring in Crennel (who's specialty is D line), teamed with Gibbs, whose been doing a phenomenal job coaching linebackers, we'll have a pretty solid staff for defense.


Does it irritate anyone else that players that have "escaped" Kansas City since Pioli arrived are succeeding?

Bernard Pollard and Larry Johnson were meant to be made examples of. Instead Johnson got his first 100 yard game in who knows how long and will probably get to go to playoffs seeing as the Bengals have swept their division. Also Berard Pollard is a vital key to the Texans defense and is even drawing some Pro Bowl talks!


That's all I got. Fire away and thanks for reading

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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