Chiefs Coach Haley Sounds Like He Wants Someone Else to Call Plays

Over the weekend I noted that a few of the TV announcers as of late have been saying that Todd Haley tells them in production meetings he doesn't want to be so involved in playcalling and would rather focus on the overall management on gameday.

Basically, it sounds like he will have an offensive coordinator next season. I don't think Haley is necessarily saying he is the problem as a playcaller, but that he needs to be involved in more of a leadership role of the entire team on gameday.

"I think I’ve stated it’s fun calling plays. I’ve also said early on that my job is to be the head coach of the team and if and when that’s possible it is in my opinion that is the best way to run the operation," Haley said of having someone else call the players.

It's fun because he had so many weapons in Arizona where he called plays his final season. Because of that experience, he felt confident enough to replace early in the preseason offensive coordinator Chan Gailey with himself.

"We’ve already been through the early part of the year and the reasons why I did the things I did," he said. "It was still the right thing to have done at the time for this team and for this offense. I think at the end of the year it will be the time to evaluate and figure out the direction that gives us the best chance to win."

Haley often cites his own personal experiences when talking about making decisions for the team. He draws upon the experience from many different teams he's been on and coaches he's had. This situation is no different.

Haley's past history has demonstrated to him that the most efficient way to handle the playcalling duties is to hire a coordinator.

"Oh, again," he said, "I’ve said I believe in my heart of hearts that’s the way to be the most efficient. In this case this is the way to be the most efficient right now. So, again, if you get the right situation I don’t have any problem knowing I could handle it. It’s been done many different ways and successfully. That’s through experience and the staffs that I’ve been on: that’s having a defensive coordinator and an offensive coordinator."

In this same press conference Haley said he can say "clear of conscience" that no one within the organization has contacted ex-Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis regarding the coordinator position. 

However, Haley didn't deny Weis as an option only saying that it isn't an issue that would be addressed during the season.

His words today are the clearest to date that he plans on having someone in a playcalling capacity on gameday.  Who will it be? I think we're quite a ways away from knowing that but Haley did say it would be his decision.

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