Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars Matchup


From the FanPosts. -Chris

Bye-week is over and we are ready for some Chiefs football!  We go against the Jaguars but which Jacksonville will show up?  The team that can't get anything going or the team that dominates with the ground game?  We hope the first choice.  We are matched up pretty well against this team and I am pretty sure we can win it.  Now, to the matchups...

David Garrard vs Chiefs Secondary

Garrard hasn't had many touchdowns. In fact he has five matching his interceptions he has had this year.  He is throwing about 60 percent completion.  Our secondary has given up some big plays this year and really haven't had that many big plays going for us. We only have 3 interceptions which 2 are from Flowers. We have 9 sacks which means we need more pressure.  Garrard isn't afriad to run with the ball but when he does he fumbles.  He has 7 fumbles and lost four. So if we force him out of the pocket and lay a big hit on him we can take advantage.

Advantage: Tie

Maurice Jones-Drew vs Chiefs Linebackers

MJD has an impressive 5.5 yards per carry average.  When he has the ball look out. He has 10 rushing touchdowns this year thus far and likes to get passed to in the flats.  He is fast and effective in the screen game. Our linebacker core is pretty good at stopping the run but if too aggresive I think MJD will run right by us.  If we use some QB spys like I think we will because Garrard likes to run then maybe it will help against MJD as well.

Advantage: Maurice Jones-Drew

Mike Sims-Walker and Torry Holt vs Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr

Both Jacksonville WR's have over 400 reception yards.  Torry Holt is a good vet who still has hands.  MSW is fast and has a knack for getting open.  Carr has been beat a couple of times this year so I expect the Jags to go against him and the slot CB.  Everyone seems to be afraid to throw towards Flowers and they have a good reason since he is a force at CB.  This is a pretty even matchup and I don't expect big plays from either side.

Advantage: Tie

Matt Cassel vs Jaguars Secondary

When Cassel has time to throw he can be deadly.  Sadly, he hasn't had that much time to throw.  Nelson is pretty good at coming up to make some good run stops but isn't great at coverage.  They are also having a lot of injuries at CB.  Cassel has been pretty careful with the ball until last week where he gave up 3 interceptions. I think that was just a rare game.

Advantage: Matt Cassel

Jamaal Charles vs Jaguars Linebackers

Charles gets his first start this season with a pretty good 5 yards per carry average.  I don't think he'll be able to handle the whole load but he has that big play ability in him.  Jags linebacker core is pretty impressive.  I'm scared of Durant. He is young and mean while being pretty good in coverage.  He knows how to stop the runner.  I honestly don't think Charles will be able to keep getting hit.

Advantage: Jaguars Linebackers

Dwayne Bowe and Bobby Wade vs Jaguars Cornerbacks

The Jags have a lot of injuries at CB so I don't really know who is going to start yet.  It could be Derek Cox and our beloved former Chief Tyron Brackenridge(just kidding).  Since we have Long and now Chambers to reinforce our WR core I think we have the upper hand here as long as we don't have fifty drops in one game.

Advantage: Dwayne Bowe and Bobby Wade

Jack Del Rio vs Todd Haley

Both coaches have had thier problems and success.  It is hard to tell who will come more prepared this game.  Haley has had a bye-week to think about the game plan but also off field issues.  I give this to Del Rio simply because of experience.

Advantage: Jack Del Rio

Closing Thoughts:

We are pretty even with this team on defense but sadly thier offense has put up better numbers.  This will be a close game if the Jags have trouble running it.  If they get ahead early I expect an ugly loss for the Chiefs.  If we keep it close I think we should be able to pull through with a win.  Have fun this Sunday and go Chiefs!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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