Is LJ really on AP?

Sorry to bore you with my perceptions, but I believe it's very possible that LJ himself has been active on this site within the comments of recent LJ specific posts. I don't want to call him out by his username, but would like to say something to him.

LJ, I've been reading all of the posts about you and the whole drama that has been going on with you. I used to be one of your "fans", but have been quite disturbed by your recent actions. However, if this in fact you trying to move fans to your side, I can respect that. I can respect that you do have a conscious and that you have realized that you messed up (a little bit).

You may not realize what you have done was "really that bad." You probably didn't realize the ramifications that this is starting to turn your world upside down. The only reason I'm going to step back a second and reserve judgement is because Trent Green didn't bash you on NFL Network when this story broke.

Let me explain to you why everyone has so easily thrown you under the bus. You've had problems in the past in the public view. Everybody knows this. Everybody gave you a second chance for this season. And, you really started to act like a grown up man for a change. You started saying "team" more and more... You started winning the hearts of your "used to be fans" once again. Then out of nowhere you pulled another fast one on us.

It's pretty simple really. Things are going to be much tougher to get fans to give you a second or third chance. Most people aren't as easy to forgive as I am. If you really want to start winning some of your fans back here are some things that you might do.

1. Write an apology on Arrowhead Pride to your fans here. (a sincere apology... not a bs one)

2. Make a "public" donation with your second game check (the one that you got back) to the Diabetes Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, (or similar). (Public donations aren't really your thang, but I gotta tell ya... that's what it has come to.)

3. In your next team meeting, address your teammates. Sincerely apologize to your brothers in red. Explain to them that you're sorry for bringing so much heat on them... be sincere. Apologize to your coach that was willing to give you a clean slate that you messed up. Tell them all that you've learned your lesson. Tell them how you didn't realize how this went further then you really wanted it to. Be honest with them. At least tell them not to make the same mistake that you've made. It's called wisdom now. The truth will set you free!

Take it one fan at a time. If you do these things, you'll earn at least one fan back. I can't speak for the rest.

And to my fellow AP'ers. I'm not really one to write full posts. Heck, I don't really comment all too much. I read this site everyday. I'm totally addicted to AP and I'm a complete homer. I HATE THE NEW DESIGN. This isn't a post to figure out who LJ's handle is here. It's truly just to give him a truthful message. So, please don't ask who I think it is. Many of you smarter lads will already know.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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