History is on our side! (Benny Hill Edition)

Good morning AP family!! From my family to yours. I hope all of you are doing great and getting ready to mix it up with the hated San Diego Chargers today! Yaaahh!!

Look I know we're supposed to lose according to anyone that has a voice. They haven't let up telling anyone who will listen how we are going to get destroyed today. I don't want to believe it. I just don't. So I dug up some fun historical facts that are sure to give us all hope that we will, we WILL win this game today and shcok the world.


Here we go;

p.s. For this post you should picture me wearing dreadlocks and preaching to the flock like a Southern Baptist preacher. (smoke first)!

Fun fact number one - In a 1968 victory against the Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs ran the ball 60 times for over 300 yards while only passing the ball three times for a total of 16 yards. So we have been in this situation before LOL! Can you believe it? Go Jamaal!! WE won that game peeps!! We own this division. We ran Seattle outta here!! Yah!!

Fun fact number two - Original Chiefs head coach Hank Stram’s father was a professional wrestler. BAAAAMMM! Advantage Chiefs. Our patriarch was raised by a wrestler. You hear that San Diego? We will kick your asses. We know how to blind tag!! You can't beat a team who's on field founding father's father was a pro wrestler..right AP??!!

Of course not.

Fun fact number three- During the 1989 season, Ron Jaworski started two games at quarterback for the Chiefs while the center position was occupied by future hall-of-famer Mike Webster. At the time this formed the oldest center-quarterback combo to play at the same time.

That is AWWWEESSSOOMME!! That's just sweet like pancakes when you have the flu. Jaws took snaps with us in two games. Whatever? That's so weird. Right? That's gotta count for something, somewhere; it's JAWS man!

Fun fact number three- The Chiefs were the first team in the NFL to use Gatorade on the sideline of a regular season game. What child??? Please...THE FIRST! What? The FIIRRSSTT!! EVER!! We could have sidelined that idea for a game or two. You know, wait for another team to try Gatorade first and wait to see how that worked out...BUT HELL NO!! We were FIRST!! So, you can clearly see an edge for the Chiefs here too, clearly. I love Gatorade.

 Fun fact number four - In 1995 Steve Bono set the record for longest run by a Quarterback with a 76 yard scramble against the Arizona Cardinals. I love it like a Big Mac in bed. Seriously! Advantage Chiefs!

Fun fact number five - We pick great kickers - Longtime Chiefs Kicker Jan Stenerud was the first, and so far only, pure Kicker elected to the Hall-of-Fame. You can't beat us. We have kickers man! KICKERS! We got this!

Fun fact number six - Yes I purposely put the numbers out of order to see who would comment before finishing the entire post first! GO KRAYFISH!!

We will pull off the upset today. Believe!! See ya'll at gametime peeps!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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