Welcome to the Week 12 Edition of the AP Power Rankings; Sunday Edition


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Welcome to the Week 12 Edition of the AP Power Rankings; Sunday Edition

Sorry for the ludicrously late rankings this week. The holidays slowed us down a bit but we managed to get the in under the games into the next week. Ah well. Here they are. Enjoy them because they are about to change in a few hours. =)

1. Saints (1.5)

It may not always be pretty but you can't argue with their success and for that to continue they will probably have to pull out another ugly win this weekend against the Pats to stay perfect.

2. Colts (1.8)

They finds ways to win even when they should lose.

3. Vikings (2.6)

I (Craig) actually ranked the Vikes #1 over the 2 undefeated teams. This isn't a knock on the Saints or Colts, I just feel the Vikings are the most complete team in the NFL. They have the best defensive player (Jared Allen), best offensive player (Adrian Pederson) and the League MVP (Brett Favre)

4. Patriots (4.2)

The Pats are looking unstoppable but sadly they face the definition of unstoppable on Monday, The Saints.

5. Chargers (6)

A dominating performance in Denver give San Diego current possession of the AFC West lead.  This Sunday, the Chiefs blaze into town.

6. Bengals (6.3)

Losing to the Raiders is unacceptable especially on a day where you have a chance to essentially lock up the division. The curse of 2.7?

7. Cardinals (6.6)

Warner stat line: 15/19, 203 yds. Leinart stat line: 10/14, 74 yards. The Cards better hope Warner doesn't have a concussion.

8. Cowboys (8.2)

What an ugly game. They are a very hard team to read.

9. Steelers (8.3)

Talk about a bad weekend. You lose to the Chiefs, you lose your starting QB and you lose your back up QB, one of the best in the league. Silver lining? The Bengals choked agains the Raiders. Let the Dennis Dixon Era begin!

10. Eagles (11.5)

Won a "must-win" game in Chicago. I have a feeling they are going to have a few more "must-win" games.:.

11. Giants (12.3)

Eli Manning did his Drew Brees impression, he finally may be getting over that very awkward heel injury.

12. Packers (12.6)

They have been playing better as of late but their wildcard hopes took a big hit with Al Harris and Aaron Kampman going down for the season

13. Denver Donkeys (14.6)

Starting the season 6-0, the wheels have now fallen off the bandwagon. A coach that taunts an opposing teams linebackers and a WR/RB scuffle?

14. Jaguars (14)

They are on a roll ith good QB management and their star RB.

15. Ravens (14.5)

The Ravens have a chance to claw their way into the Wild Card race today if they can take care of Dennis Dixon and the Steelers.

16. Falcons (16)

I've believed since day one that this team is a pretender and I'm sticking with it. If it weren't for two gimme's against Tampa and another against the Bills in the last 6 games this team is a 6-10 team at best.

17. Dolphins (16.3)

Their running game is unstoppable.   They might make the playoffs if they continue to show dominance in the run.

18. Titans (16. 5)

Hottest team in the NFL! Playing a lot tougher these days.

19. Texans (17.5)

This team is very disappointing and is not looking like a playoff team. Might be the perfect job for Mike Shannahan.

20. Panthers (20.2)

This team truly loves to tease their fans. They stink up the start of the season then start to put it together and give their fans hope again behind a stellar run game only to fall on their faces again. Poor Panther fans...

21. 49ers (21.2)

It seems the only time Singletary takes the leash off Alex Smith is when they are down by 30. And he responds with 3 TDs. Remove the leash sir, remove the leash.

22. Jets (21.8)

136 yards and four interceptions won't get it done in the NFL Sanchez.  You need to play like you did at the start of the season.  The J-E-T-S are melting down.

The Dreaded Pittsburgh Pirates Division


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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Pirates Division. The Bears have taken over the top spot and are now the best of the worst. The Chiefs continued their push to escape failure and return to mediocrity as they have rocketed up to the 2nd spot in our rankings. Todd Haley's team may never see the tops spot in these rankings as a win over the red hot Chargers may vault them straight out of the DPPD and into the real rankings with the real NFL teams. Here's hoping...

1. (23.) Bears (22.3)

Jay Cutler looked terrible on Sunday Night Football missing 3 wide open Touchdowns. He is a poor fit on this team and is the worst trade in the NFL since Ditka traded his whole draft class for Ricky Williams

2. (24.) Chiefs (24.3)

A signature win for Todd Haley against the SB Champs. Can KC make it three in a row San Diego?

3. (25.) Seahawks (25.8)

I don't care if it is the Vikings, 35 to 9 is ridiculous. And the game wasn't really that close.

4. (26.) Bills (26.2)

They are a complete mess but T.O. shown a glimpse of his former self last week.

5. (27.) Redskins (26.3)

Injuries are still tearing this team apart. It's not just their coaches they have to worry about anymore.

6. (28.) Raiders (27.5)

The top two teams in the AFC North rolled into the basement of the AFC West and both left with losses.  Using a journeyman QB, the Raiders saw what they could do with an accurate, hardworking, QB.  Is the J-Russ era officially over?

7. (29.) Lions (29)

Matt Stafford just gained a lot of cred in his lockerroom after Sundays gutsy win. Oh wait, he needed a last minute TD to beat Cleveland who I have ranked 33rd? Nevermind.

8. (30.) Rams (30.2)

The Rams continue to test teams week in and week out. They are going to catch somebody napping one week. I say its' the Seahawks this week.

9. (31.) Buccaneers (30.9)

Despite the numbers the once vaunted Tampa D was playing with some swagger again considering a lack of talent so I'm not sure why they think firing the D coordinator is going to make this any better.

10. (32.) Browns  (31.8)

The Browns should have never lost to the Lions after building such a substantial lead. "Man Genius" has to go.

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