A Walk Through The Team

From start to finish grades and holes.


Matt Cassel, Starting to improve play and look decent for the future

Croyle should be maintained as the #2 QB


Charles is deserving of the #1 RB job and should stay

#2 RB a hole we need a solid Power Back with quick feet. 

 Smith or Savage fill the mop up roll.


Cox has been very average could be upgraded

Castille not sure yet but made a couple good plays in game one as a Chief.


Bowe has shown improvment but could be a true #2 WR not #1 

Chambers has shown that he still has it and gives us viable 1/2 punch at WR for a couple more years.

Long has shown enough to be #4 WR next year.

Wade seems to be the #5 guy that can do it all in a crunch.

We need the electric #3 WR/KR/PR (Golden Tate would be the Best choice for that role for now and could be a #1 WR in the future ala Steve Smith. 


Pope has started to show some things and I think he is Average

We need the #1 Stud TE Could be filled via FA or through the draft alot of talent at that position this year in the draft.

#3 TE one of the players on the roster works here.


LT Albert starting to improve still see eventual move to Gaurd.

LG Waters has one or two years left

C Niswanger or Rookie brought in through the draft not much there otherwise

RG Alleman Upgrade needed would love to Lupita at that spot or move Waters over to help rookie at RT

RT O'Call Has been decent but slow several times to get out on screen help. could be upgraded by Fox out of Mia

So on offense We bring in 3 O-Lineman to compete for starting jobs, get a WR, a TE, and a short yardage back.


Jackson Gillbery good for years

NT Edwards solid but getting older, NEEDED rotational NT


Dorsey Magee good for years


Studebaker, Vrabel could use one for depth but good for one more year this way

LILB if we can keep things as is it looks good for next year with Williams and DJ rotating

RILB Same with Mays and Belcher witch it could easily be Belcher and Mays together starting and that would work.


Hali is the man #97 played good enough last week to think we don't need much here.

CB Carr and Flowers are the starters and solid but we have been getting torched by slot WR all year so we need a 3rd starter quality CB through the draft or FA.

FS Brown average NEED upgrade many options here and good ones.

SS Page Morgan have not shown me star power upgrade needed.

So on D we need one NT, CB, FS, SS


All together that is 10 players











WE have in the draft the ability to fill 4 possibly 5 starting possitions.

Must haves due to avail talent FS, SS, WR, NT

rd1 Mays FS

rd2 Tate WR

rd2 Rolle SS

rd3 Torrell Troupe NT

Use the rest of the draft to better depth and comp at spots but that is my final wishlist best case senario.

rd4 J.D Walton or Estes at C

rd5 through 6 best player avail at positions needing comp. We could get our TE rd 5 Epps, Quarless, Moeati some good ones should be on he board. There should also be some decent RBs fall this far as well.

With three 5th rd picks I see us going TE OLB and RB in hte 5th.

6th rd will be best player available.

After alot of research I think we will do as much as possible to build the O-Line in FA and not so much in this years draft. I expect three or four FA O-Lineman to be brought in and one big name/solidified starter such as Mankins who I don't think will be avail or Baas to come in.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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