A couple stats and thoughts about the Steelers game and the upcoming game against SD.

When people say "Anything could happen on any given sunday", It never really seems to apply to us. For 3 years now I, and i'm sure all of us, have been getting our hearts broken watching our Chiefs lose game after game and season after season.  I always thought that until we got a new coach or GM, then nothing would change because it always seemed like we were just putting players in, no matter who they were, just so we would have a full roster. But now that we are heading in the right direction the football gods are noticing. Lol. Here are some stats on Sundays game.

Hines Ward- 10 Rec, 128 Yrds, 1 TD

Heath Miller- 7 Rec, 95 Yrds, 1 TD

Santonio Holmes- 7 Rec, 86 Yrds

Now those are the top recievers for Pits and by the numbers, they had pretty a good game. Now, here are ours..

Chris Chambers- 4 Rec, 119 yards

Lance Long- 2 Rec, 37 yards

Leonard Pope-2 Rec, 26 yards, 1 TD.

Those, IMO, are some Shi**y numbers. Except for Chambers of course :)

Now on to the RBs...

Rashard Mendenhall- 21 touches, 80 yards (Who had 165 yards at SD ;-)

Willie Parker- 6 touches, 24 yards.

And for KCs RB..

Larry Johnson...Jamaal Charles- 17 touches, 58 yards.

Now I think we did decent against the #1 rushing D in the NFL.

By the stats we got our butts kicked, but if you saw the game, you saw something else. HOPE.

Our Defense stepped up and made some big plays. 2 of those big plays were because of the first year Andy Studabaker. Because of those we got to score points, whether it be a FG or a TD we still scored. We forced Big Ben to make mistakes and our ST play was incredible.

Now if we do this against the #1 Defense in yards and rushing then why cant we do this against the Chargers that rank 14th in total D and 21st in Rushing D? Just because a QB has a huge day like Big Ben did doesnt mean that they will win. Im sure Rivers will have a good day when he plays us, usually every QB does. But just because 3 WR on your team either got over or near the 100 yard mark doesnt mean that that team will win. KC has heart, and IMHO, the Chargers don't. This sunday will be no 30 point victory for either side, it will be a grudge match and i think the Chiefs could come out on top and have another huge upset.

This will be my last game i see this year and, ironically, it's against the team whos city i live in. One christmas present i would want in Bootcamp is a Chiefs win on Sunday. The best of luck to my Chiefs and kick ass!

ps- Sorry if this is kind of long and pointless, just bored and i have never done a fanpost like this before :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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