Cheeseburger anyone?

              There are two constants in my life, a love for the Chiefs of KC and a love for the Irish of ND. This weekend one had the experience of a monumental victory in OT and the other experienced a monumental loss in OT. I have been a huge fan of both for over 35 years and they both have always had their own place in my little world. How I see the two coming together after the jump. 

                The Irish have been oh so close often this season and the Chiefs oh so far more often than not. Getting only close is going to cost one man his job while being a ways away yet will certainly let another man keep his.

              Call me crazy but, I see a darn good OC lacking all that it takes to be a HC headed towards KC. I have given him the label of "Cheeseburger Charlie", AKA Charlie Weis. While he'll never be seen on the cover of GQ, he has proven he knows how to build and run an NFL offense and has the SB rings to prove it.

            He has spent time in the trenches with Scott Pioli @ NE and would surely be an asset for Mr. Haley giving the young HC some broad shoulders to lean on. Charlie has felt the heat of a spotlight so bright the only comparison would be walking into a Gary, In. steel mill. That kind of heat builds strength through experience such as what we may be witnessing little by little with Todd Haley. If Haley thinks the KC press is demanding...............  I couldn't think of a better asst./mentor to work beside Haley & Pioli

               Charlie is a class act who has given to the South Bend community in many ways and is great with young players, he just couldn't give them enough wins.  I'm really dreaming now but if Golden Tate was to happen to land in KC as well as Charlie........ reaching a superbowl could almost be considered a reality instead of fantasy. The golden parachute Weis is going walk with just might make him wealthy enough to not hurt Clark's wallet too bad either and he would probably give a portion to the KC community in some fashion as he's that kind of guy.

               Maybe Pioli saw this coming, it kind of helps explain how Gailey was handled in some ways to me if he did.

                Either way ND has benefitted from Charlie's presence and KC would surely too. Some things just make too much sense to ever become reality, hopefully this isn't one of them.

Go Chiefs!  Go Irish!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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