Time To Go To The War Room

Hello everybody heres another addition of my mock draft. 

Round 1 Ndamukong Suh NT/DE This kid is meant for the 3-4 he gets past triple teams. I was watching some

game tape and I saw a play where the center and guard and the running back where all blocking and he just

bulldozed through and demolished the quarterback. He has no negatives he dosent need to gain any weight and

Scott and his scouts have been sending somebody out there like every 2 weeks. This kid has the work ethic and

mindset to probably be the best D lineman in KC history with his ability to just burst off the line and wreck havoc.

And if we bring in a new Defensive line coach and Defensive Coordinator we are a force on defense. 



Round 2 Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech This kid is legit I am defiantly. Am sure Charles is not a starting tail back he needs support and Kolby cant do that so you add another playmaker.  sounds like a solid 1-2 punch with Charles and Dwyer and I don't think we go to free agency because really theres no solid running back in free agency this year besides Ronnie Brown who will want a pay day because of his play in the wildcat. 

Round 2 Jason Fox OT Miami At 6-7 310 pounds he is an ideal fit in this zone blocking scheme. I would have him compete against Ryan and Brandon for a starting gig. He reminds me of old Willie Anderson who retired from the ravens last year.  NO VIDEO 

Round 3 Jerome Murphy USF CB/SS This kid is amazing gives us that shutdown corners like Al Harris and Charles Woodson in Green Bay. We would be fortunate to have his amazing athletics and awareness his main skills are his speed and his tall build at 6-1.  



Round 4 Eric Olsen Notre Dame C/RG At 6-4 310 pounds he gives us a brusier up front and has only given up 3 sacks in his carrer at Notre Dame. He would fill one of the voids where we strugle most RG/C. To Many times does the pass rush come from up the middle. NO VIDEO 

Round 5 Brandon Banks WR/KR/PR His this just me or does his speed and 5 kick return touchdowns this season remind you of this special man ________ Hall the man who gave glory to the name the Kansas City Chiefs. Hes basically his clone super speed and quickness and an average receiver

Round 5 Colin Peek N/A Tight end Alabama 


Round 5 Rahim Alem DE/Linebacker If you can get him to lose 10-15 pounds he will be a late round gem and is already a force a LSU. 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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