AP Power Rankings Week 11; You Could Make It At Receiver For The Chiefs Edition


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Welcome to week 11 of our AP NFL Power Rankings. Can it be week 11 already? There has certainly been no shortage of drama in Chiefs Nation the last couple of weeks with the jettisoning of Larry Johnson and suspension of Dwayne Bowe for using a diuretic during the preseason. If things weren’t bad enough the defending NFL Champion Pittsburgh Steelers are coming to town this Sunday. What a way to celebrate a win, eh? Seriously. You have to think that if any of us went to Arrowhead and asked for a tryout at WR they would have to at least give us a look, wouldn't they? Heck, I look more like a receiver than Lance Long.

There are good teams in the NFL and they sit atop our Power Rankings. The Saints hold on to the top spot though the #2 Colts gained some momentum after their comeback win against the Patriots. The Vikings hold steady at #3 and the Begals got some major street cred when they straight up smacked the Steelers for the second time this season. The once hapless Bungles are now in total control over the AFC North and a win over the Browns later this season will ensure Cinci’s first sweep of the division since…well, ever.

Biggest jump this week was the Cardinals moving up 4 spots from #11 to #7. Epic Fail Award goes to the NY Jets who fell 4 spots from #16 to #20.

Be sure to check out our "Pittsburgh Pirates Division" which features the 10 worst teams in football. Consider it a sort of mini goal for the Chiefs to climb their way our of the Pirates Division by the seasons end. Last week they were ranked #6 in the Pirates division.

Enjoy week 11, try to enjoy the Chiefs game and see you next week.

1. Saints (1.4)

In the last four games Brees has more interceptions then touchdowns and yet the Saints are still undefeated. This is a complete team and they're proving just how good they are.

2. Colts (1.7)

Big win but I see big holes in the runnin ggame and on D. They will lose a game.

3. Vikings (2.9)

Sydney Rice is the best WR in the NFL no one is talking about. Doesn't hurt he has the ol' gunslinger slinging to him.

4. Bengals (4.5)

The Bengals hold a 5-0 record in their division for the first time EVER and only the Browns remain in their path of total division domination. Their next 3 games are against the Raiders, Lions and Browns which means the once laughing stock Bungles could be 10-2 when they head to Mall of America Field for a clash against Bret Favre and the Vikings.

5. Patriots (5.2)

Nothing surprises me about the Pats after spygate. Not even stupid calls that costs them a game.

6. Steelers (6)

The Steelers are basically 2 games behind the Bengals as Cinci owns the tiebreaker. The Champs better keep their eye on the Wild Card standings.

7. Cardinals (7.9)

Warner, "What do you mean I'm supposed to hand off the ball to Beanie Wells?!?! That's just crazy talk." Wells stat line: 85 yards, 2 TD

8. Cowboys (8.4)

Lost the Icebowl reunion, need some running game. Wade Phillips should be working on his resume (I don't like it but that is today's NFL)

9. Chargers (8.6)

Big showdown in The Mile High City as the streaking Chargers hook up with the weeping Broncos.  The AFC West Game of the Year.

10. Broncos (10.2)

An UGLY loss in Washington as many questioning Denver's chances hosting a resurgent San Diego squad.  This game should be good.

11. Falcons (11.2)

I'm not so sure you could call it a sophomore slump but Matt Ryan is a horrible QB on the road throwing nearly twice as many picks as TD’s and boasting a QB rating around 60. The bad news is this week they’re away to NYG the good news is 4 of their next 5 after that are at home.

12. Eagles (12.3)

Could be career ending for Westbrook…that is not good for the Eagles.

13. Texans (12.7)

Big game Monday night that if they win, will make them a Wild Card contender.

14. Ravens (12.7)

With the division all but out of reach the Ravens will have a tough time making the playoffs in a crowded Wild Card race that includes the Steelers, Texans, Broncos, Chargers, Jaguars and even the Dolphins and Jets.]

15. Giants (14.3)

What a disappointment they have turned in to. Eli has not looked the same since his very awkward heel injury at Arrowhead.

16. Packers (17.1)

Who is this team? They get steamrolled by Tampa and then almost pitch a shutout against a hot Dallas team. NFL is crazy.

17. Jaguars (17.9)

They are better than I thought. MJD is a superstar and this team is underrated.

18. Dolphins (18.6)

Even with Brown out the wildcat will still be effective. They can maybe even win this week.

19. Panthers (19.8)

Many wrote this team off early but they are eliminating mistakes, the defense seems to have its identity back and the running game may be unmatched in the entire league.

20. Jets (20.1)

After a great start it is sad to say the Jets won't make the playoffs.

21. 49ers (20.7)

Game MVP for the 49ers last week was Jay Cutler. Always thought this team was a QB away from winning.

22. Bears (21.5)

Jay Cutler stats in 3 Primetime games this year. 73 for 131 - 884 yards. 3 Td's 11 ints. I'm going to send my kids to college by picking the Eagles in SNF


The Dreaded "Pittsburgh Pirates Division"


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The teams remain the same but congratulations to the Titans on jumping ahead of the Bills to grab the #1 spot in the Pirates Rankings. One more win may move them out of the cursed division and into the real rankings. The Bears #22 are in danger of sliding into the abyss and if Jay Cutler keeps throwing 5 picks a game the Pirates Rankings may be seeing some new blood. As for the Chiefs, well they are still down here but they did jump up a slot to number 5. Who knows, an upset win over the defending champs just might be enough to get them out of the hole…but don’t count on it. 

1. (23.) Titans (22.1)

This team is hot. CJ is the best back in the NFL right now and if his team keeps playing this way they could go 10-6.

2. (24.) Bills (24.2)

So many problems. T.O., Coach being fired, and a horrible record. Good luck Buffalo fans, good luck.

3. (25.) Seahawks (24.6)

The Seahawks lost the game by might have found their version of Jamaal Charles in Justin Forsett.

4. (26.) Redskins (25)

A surprising win over Denver and they seem to be getting some momentum. It will be interesting to see what changes they make.

5. (27.) Chiefs (26.9)

Locking down a must win in Oakland, the Chiefs will host a Steelers team coming off a loss.  Going into the game, KC lost its number one receiver due to a four game suspension. 

6. (28.) Raiders (28.4)

Russell has been pulled, a journeyman is now under center, and some wonder, "what happened to Jeff Garcia"?  This move should have been made weeks ago.

7. (29.) Lions (29.5)

Lions vs Browns. Yes Roger Godell, expansion teams in LA and London is a GREEEEEAT idea when its clear this league is already too watered down.

8. (30.) Buccaneers (29.9)

Young blood is giving them a little spark but I'm still running out of things to say about a team that's downright horrible every week.

9. (31.) Rams (30)

Beat the Lions in Week 9, bye, gave the Saints all they could handle in Week 10. The Rams are on their way to becoming the top floater in the toilet bowl tier of the NFL.

10. (32.) Browns (31.9)

The Browns D put up an admirable fight against the Ravens but the Cleveland offense remains terrible no matter who is calling the signals.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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