Beyond this season...

Please get somebody....that can tackle, catch, throw, run, block and play football.

 I just want to put some stuff out there that seems to be a glaring need for  the Kansas City Chiefs in this upcoming off season.  I feel like we used to have a defense that could keep us within reason in most of these games, and when we play the teams such as the Redskins, Raiders Browns and Bills, I think this is no lie.  However, to be successful in this league you have to be competitive against more than 4 teams in a 16 game season.  The question is why is our defense so swiss cheese?  Lets start in the secondary.  I know Mike Brown had a good game...kind of against the Raiders, but lets look at the rest of his season, he has done nothing but flop around on the ground and miss tackles this entire season, he is washed up and a horrible pick up, why we got rid of Pollaard I will never know, but I am sick of seeing our secondary get torn to shreds because Haley and Pioli think that some of these guys aren't a good fit.  A good fit?  If they can play better than who you have they should fit.  So, that being said, we need to make a free agent pick up/trade this off season and bring in an experienced/proven Safety.  And I don't mean washed up like Brown. 

    Next lets move to the linbackers, DERRICK JOHNSON should be on the field, all he does is make plays on the ball when he is in, and I believe that is what we are lacking, we need tacklers/playmakers, not just guys that can get blocked.  Most of us could go out there and knocked around for 60 minutes, but that doesn't mean we should be playing in the NFL.  Also, Corey mays is our young stud I think, keep him healthy and keep him in the game. I think if Mays and DJ were on the field together we would see more tackles/plays being made on defense, either way, wwe need an outside LB, pick a side, Hali is going to be great back there.  I just think we aren't suited for the 3-4 just yet.

Defensive line, young and learning, I have nothing to say except, get more pressure.

     Offense....oh boy.   Contrary to popular belief, Jamall Charles is going nowhere behind our offensive line, so if we think he is the next guy, then we are needing OL badly, Albert can stay, but I think and free agent pick up/draft pick needs to be a stud OL.  Not to mention that Waters is probably done after this season. So OL, gotta have it.

     Next, now that none of the TEs that were backing up TG have become anything but just a guy on the field, it is time to find that next gem TE.  I don't know where, but we need to.

     Love it or hate it, we need to seriously consider getting a running back with some meat on his bones and some power, Charles can't run over anybody. Love it or hate it, Cassel may be a good QB, but he isn't going to be great for years to come, there is a reason why he has been a back up his entire football career after high school.  We dropped 24 points on the ravens Defense with Croyle at the helm, when did we drop 20+ since week 1?  Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Thats all.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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