My new Mock 2.0

This will be the 2nd edition of my Mock Draft.

As of right now we would pick 5th. This is a scenerio where Suh, Berry, and Okung is gone by 5th....they would be my first choices.

With the Kansas City Chiefs 1st round selection, they choose.....

1st Rd Pick.

Rolando McClain ILB - Alabama 6'4 258lbs 4.6/40

McClain is the top inside LB in the draft along with Spikes. He is being compared to the top NFL inside LB to ever play the game.

2008 - 95 tackles 12 tfl 6 pass breakups 1int 2fr

2009 - Through 10 games - 77 tackles 10 tfl 3 sacks 2int

McClain would be an immediate game changer. He can stuff the run and makes all the tackles. He can also play in coverage and breakup the passing game. Most solid all around LB in the draft.

2nd Rd Pick.

Jerry Hughes OLB - TCU 6'3 257lbs

2008 - 52 tackles 19.5 tfl 15 sacks 2int

2009 - Through 10 games - 49 tackles 13 tfl 10.5 sacks 6 QB Hurries

Jerry Hughes provides the pass rush that we desperately need. He would be the Mike Vrabel apprentice. With Hughes on one side and Hali on the other it would change the way teams game plan against us. Two guys with big motors that strive to get to the QB.

2nd Rd Pick(b)

Nate Allen FS - South Florida 6'2 207lbs

2007 - 76 tackles 2tfl 4int 6 pass breakups 3fr 2TD

2008 - 53 tackles 2 tfl 1int 1 sack

2009 - Through 9 games - 60 tackles 1 tfl 3int 4 pass breakups 1TD

Nate Allen has been a pretty consistant threat in the secondary. He is a sure tackler and is very good at making plays on the ball. Very athletic, played QB in HS as well as basketball. Nate Allen steps in and starts right away at the FS position.

3rd Rd Pick

Matt Tennant C - Boston College 6'4 291lbs

Matt is one of the best Centers in the draft. He started 28 games straight up till the season started. He becomes Matt Cassel's new best friend.

4th Rd Pick

Rodney Hudson OG - Florida St. 6'2 285lbs

2008 first team All-ACC. Allowed just 1.5 sacks in 1400 snaps in his career. Played LG in college and Center in HS. Very good versitile guard who could play RG or LG. Also played one game at LT.  Coaches believe he would be one of the best Centers in college if he played. Just recently suffered a knee injury....doesnt look serious. Could drop to us in the 4th.

5th Rd Pick

Kerry Meier WR - Kansas 6'3 220lbs

2008 - 97 catches 1045yrds 8TD

2009 - Through 10 games - 83 catches 883yrds 6TD

Kerry would provide WR depth. He is a tall guy with a big body for WR. He also has good leaping ability. A solid 5th round pick here.

5th Rd Pick(b)

Terrell Hudgins WR - Elon 6'2 236lbs

2006 - 62 catches 1027yrds 8TD

2007- 117 catches 1474yrds 18TD

2008 - 86 catches 1116yrds 10TD

2009 - Through 10 games - 100 catches 1322yrds 14TD

Was North Carolina athlete of the year in HS. Played QB and broke numerous records. This guy plays with a huge target on his back and no one can stop him. He plays at a small school so this is purely a project pick. He could be the next big thing to come out of a small school.

5th Rd Pick(c)

LeRoy Vann DB - Florida A&M 5'9 185lbs

LeRoy is picked to be our KR/PR.

2009 - Punt Returns - 28 for 462yrds 16.5 avg 3TD

            Kick Returns - 38 for 1121yrds 29.5 avg 3TD

Also would not be a bad addition to our defense. 53 tackles 8tfl 2sacks 1int.



Feel free to pick my mock apart! The later rounds gets really hard because you dont know who might be available. I went 4 defense picks 3 offense and 1 special teams. I feel like through FA we can get more guys. Like an every down RB, a NT, TE, etc.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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