Looking at the Chiefs Future O Line

I know every chiefs fan want the Chiefs to go out and sign a bunch of FA to make us win now, but that probably wont happen. Pioli has been known to add veteran leadership on defense but not so much the O line. I totally expect Pioli to add a couple guys to this defense, No big names just some role players. The o line is different for Pioli, The Line the Patriots Assemble on game days are mostly drafted by the Patriots. He also doesn't draft O Linemen early, The highest drafted player on their line is Logan Mankins (I believe) and he came with the 32nd pick. Im going to fill you guys in on a couple guys the Chiefs will take a look at when the draft starts to roll around. Ill try to go in an order based the order they are projected to come off the board.

Russell Okung 6'5 300 LT- Okung is the anchor of one of the best offense in the Big 12. He is definitely a mauler, but he can pass protect just as well. He isn't Joe Thomas the 2nd, but he is definitely worthy of top 15 pick. He will probably go in the top 3 because of team needs. Below I have a link from you tube that I feel is the least sugar coated. He misses an assignment a couple times, but on other plays he shows you why he is so good. I personally like the play where he pulls inside to run block. He has a mixed of strength and speed we don't have on the Chiefs line. Ultimately I would not be upset if the Chiefs took O Kung but I would prefer we go a different direction.

  • 2008 All-American
  • 2008 All-Big 12 first team (Coaches)
  • 2006 Dick Bogert Award
  • 2006 All-Big 12 freshman team

    Bryan Bulaga 6'6 312 LT-Bryan Bulaga would be a very good fit for the Chiefs Scheme. He has quick feet and you see it in his pass protection. He is strong enough to block a bull rusher like Richard Seymour, and fast enough to seal of the edge against a speed rusher. There are a couple questions surrounded his health and run blocking ability but nothing serious. He would be a reach if the Chiefs draft real early. I couldn't find a video that doesn't seem a little watered down. I personally don't like him enough to even consider him a top 10 pick.

  • 2008 Second team All-Big Ten (Coaches)
  • 2007 Freshman All-Big Ten team (TSN)
  • 2006 High School All-American

    Kris O'Dowd 6'5 315 C- Plan and simple, He is the best C to come out in a couple years. Scouts say he is better then every C that came out last year. He will probably go in the middle of the 1st round so the Chiefs would have to work out a trade or make a "Raider Reach" which I don't see happening. O Dowd is an all around monster, He manhandles DL run blocking, but he also anchors the line while pass blocking. Similar to the video problem with Bulaga, but I couldn't even fine a single video. Sorry guys, I would really like everyone to see him. It shouldn't be hard to catch a USC game, God knows they would rather play them then My Tigers. Anyways, Coming into to college, Scouts said O Dowd only lacked a Nasty Mean Streak, He definitely changed that.

  • 2008 College Football News Second Team Sophomore All-American
  • 2008 First Team All-Pac 10
  • 2008 USC Offensive Lineman of the year
  • 2006 High School All-American

    Stefen Wisniewski 6'3 297-Stefen is an all around good player. He has probably hit his ceiling as a player but would improve slightly with NFL coaching. Stefen is a good run blocker and pass blocker. He would anchor our line for 6-10 years if coached up the right way. He is technique sound, which would make him perfect for our zone blocking scheme. To say he is smart is an under statement. He carried a 4.0 from the winter semester of 20007 til this last semester, No it has dropped to a 3.83. He is also a leader on Penn States line, which lacks experience. I don't have any videos. If anyone can find any of these guys that would be awesome.


    Anthony Davis 6'6 325- Davis is a very good run blocker, he would have to develop the pass blocking skills, I think he could do this pretty quickly. Some people project him as a LT, but I see him more as a RT. I don't know if he would excel in a zone blocking scheme but he could be coached. I'll put it like this, He is the LT on a team that struggles in pass protection. No big deal, The talent is there. He has had weight issues in the past, You know Haley would want him to loss weight if he came to KC. Below I have a video but it isn't the best. He is number 75, He demonstrates the run blocking I was talking about.

  • 2007 Freshman All-American (FWAA, TSN,
  • 2006 High School All-American
  • Nate Solder 6'9 305 OT- I mean look at his size! He is a man-beast at 6'9 305 but displays good leverage for his height. He is a TE originally but converted to LT. He displays great pass blocking abilities but sometimes struggles in the run game. The best thing about Solder is he is raw, If he went back to school for his senior year he might get taken in the top ten. He will probably slip to the late 1st or early 2nd. Another good quality about Solder is his quickness, He runs a 4.8 400, with a low of 4.7. That's ridiculous for a man his size. He would be perfect for a zone blocking scheme like the Chiefs run. Sorry, I don't have a video but you can check him out Saturday because the Buffs are in prime time. He is definitely one of the few bright spots on the team.


    Mike Johnson 6'5 35 OG-Johnson's stock is rising fast. Right now he is a 2nd-3rd round pick. He displays elite run blocking ability and above average pass blocking. He would immediate take over for Waters at LG or RG if Albert is moved inside. Im all for drafting Berry or Suh but I honestly feel that Albert and Johnson would be the most talented OG combination in the league. It would definitely benefit our running game to select Johnson. I dont have a video, but Alabama plays alot prime time, so we should get a couple more chances to check him out.

    2008 College All-American


    Lee Ziemba 6'8 305 OT-To me Ziemba would make a better RT then LT. He would be an upgrade over O Cal for sure. He is a very great run blocker but struggles in pass protection. He has amazing size and controls the line of scrimmage against bull rushers. He struggles to get leverage sometimes, He is pretty much a Nate Solder Clone but good at Run Blocking instead of Pass protection. If he was available at the end of the 2nd round he would be worth a look for sure. But the only video I could find was him getting beat horribly by a speed rusher, Which he struggles with.


    Vladimir Ducasse 6'5 330 OT/OG-Haitian born OT/OG from UMASS. He is versatile, Most scouts project him as an OG though. His coach calls him a leader and a hard worker. I really dont know much about him other then he has huge upside and hasnt came close to his ceiling. I believe the Chiefs might reach for him in order to mke sure they get him but who knows.


    Well thats it, I hope this helps some of you. The O line is fun to judge because its what you see best on TV. Fortunately for the Chiefs this draft is deep with talent at the C and G position. Sergio Render, Projected at one time as a 3rd round pick, is now projected in the 5th based of depth. Trust me, Render is a beast. If anyone has any video of these guys or other prospects please let me check them out in your comments.

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