Five Good Stats by the Chiefs in their Win Over the Raiders

Yeah, this was a win but this is still a tough post to write. Yesterday was not pretty by either team.

It was so ugly yesterday that I almost changed the title of this post to Three Good Stats by the Chiefs. Really, it was that bad.

Most of these stats are colored by the fact that the Raiders are, well, the Raiders. JaMarcus Russell is one of the worst QBs in the league, which always helps your defense play well. But the Chiefs had some bright spots regardless of their opponent.

We'll get to the bad stats tomorrow but for now, here are the good things that came out of yesterday's box score:

  • Limiting JaMarcus Russell
  • Forcing three and outs
  • DL Alex Magee
  • RB Jamaal Charles
  • K Ryan Succop

It's all there, after the jump.

113 yards passing by the Raiders

Yesterday marked the second time a quarterback had been pulled against the Chiefs, with Jason Campbell of the Redskins being the first. He was replaced by former Chief Todd Collins.

JaMarcus Russell did what he does best yesterday - Continued to give his critics ammo.

Russell was 9/24 for 67 yards passing. His QB rating for the day was 45.8. The Chiefs didn't' apply much QB pressure but they did come up with two sacks on Russell.

I know that the 113 yards passing was mostly the result of Russell being a terrible QB but the Chiefs' defense was able to do what pretty much everyone else has been able to do against Russell this season.

Half of Oakland's drives were 3 and outs

Eight of the Raiders' sixteen drives only lasted four plays. And four more of those only lasted four total plays.

Twelve of the Raiders' sixteen drives lasted four or less plays? I know it's the Raiders but the Chiefs' defense did what it needed to do for most of the day - never allowed the Raiders to get in a rhythm and made the easy interceptions.

The Chiefs only let the Raiders convert two third downs yesterday, which was unfortunately twice as many third downs as the Chiefs themselves converted on offense.

Is that you, Alex Magee?

One sack, one QB hurry and one tackle for a loss? Nice work, Magee. #71 doesn't play a lot but it's nice to see him maximizing his time. We haven't had much to talk about in regard to the Chiefs third round pick from this past May. It's nice to bring up his name.

Magee has four tackles on the season.

Jamaal Charles' 100-yard day

This is obviously the best stat of the game - Jamaal Charles' 103 yards rushing and 5.7 YPC average. His 44-yard TD was possibly the play of the year on offense for the Chiefs.

Larry who?

Succop continues to impress

Yes, Mr. Irrelevant missed a 52-yard field goal but I'll take Succop's stat line almost any day of the year - 3/4 and he hit from 50, 25 and 31-yards.

What else did you like from yesterday's game?

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