AP Power Rankings Week 10; Halfway Home Edition


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Hello Apers and welcome to Week 10 of our Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings; Halfway Home Edition. In our very first year of doing these weekly rankings we have made it to the halfway point without too much trouble. I just want to quickly thank the guys who make this possible and remind you of just who your panelists are.

Me (AFC North)

J-Man (AFC South)

Bansky (AFC West)

Chiefsfan85 (AFC East)

Craig in Calgary (NFC North)

Mushin (NFC West)

Woodman212 (NFC East)

Generic Brand (NFC South)

Chris (Rankings Czar)

Joel (Rankings Czar)

At the halfway point the Saints have staked their claim as the top dogs in our rankings. The Colts are lingering just behind and one slipup from the Saints and we know who the new #1 will be. The Vikings were a unanimous #3 amongst are rankers and the Pats and Steelers are rounding out the top 5.

Still searching for the respect of our panelists are the Bengals hanging around at #6 despite defeating the defending champs earlier in the year. If they can pull off a win in Pittsburgh this weekend they will be one win over the Browns away from sweeping the AFC North. This is a must win game for both teams.

The biggest leap of the week goes to the San Diego Charges who moved up 4 spots from #16 to #12 with their last second win over the Giants. Speaking of the Giants they share this week’s Epic Fail Award with the Packers and the Donkeys all of whom tumbled 4 slots.

We hope you enjoyed the 1st half of the season. we look forward to hearing about some of your favorite 1st half moments in the comments!

On to the Rankings!

1. Saints (1.2)

Surprise, surprise they win again. Based on the upcoming schedule, barring a shocker, this team will be #1 until at least week 13.

2. Colts (1.8)

The best team in the AFC. These guys can win the close ones.

3. Vikings (3)

Brett Favre threw another 3 TD's on his bi-week.

4. Patriots (4.9)

They are looking unstoppable. Can they make another Superbowl?

5. Steelers (5.1)

The Steers are playing well but face a must win game against the upstart Bengals this Sunday in Pittsburgh. If the Steelers lose, the Bengals will have control of the division and the Champs will be fighting it out for a wild Card.

6. Bengals (5.4)

How good are the Bengals? They have beaten the Steelers, Packers, Bears, Ravens twice and if not for a fluke play in the first game of the season you could add the Broncos to that list. The only sub .500 team the Bengals have played so far is the Browns! They are in the drivers seat in the AFC North with games against the Browns, Raiders, Lions and Chiefs yet to come.

7. Cowboys (7.6)

A strong road win but when the season is on the line you can trust them to blow it.

8. Broncos (7.8)

Denver lost their first game at home this season and now with a surging San Diego team face a little heat in the rankings. The top half of the AFC West is starting to become very interesting.

9. Falcons (10)

The schedule swings in their favor now as a lot of their road games are behind them. This is still likely a playoff team but they will need a couple more big wins to get there.

10. Eagles (10.3)

Would have won Sunday Night with Brian Westbrook and some accuracy from McNabb

11. Cardinals (11.2)

Cards had a great week last week. "Mental note: Bet children's college funds against Cardinals next week"

12. Chargers (11.7)

San Diego is on a three-game win streak and in those three games they have logged 15 sacks.

13. Texans (12.4)

This team is almost there and will have at least 9 wins. Look out for them.

14. Ravens (14.4)

The Ravens have had the unfortunate pleasure of already playing the Bengals twice this year. They could still make a playoff run but at this point it looks like it will be for the Wild Card.

15. Giants (14.7)

Lost a heart breaker to San Diego. Brandon Jacobs is not playing like himself and that's about all they had left.

16. Dolphins (17.2)

They look good one week and suck the next. If they stay consistent with the good then they will make the playoffs.

17. Jets (17.2)

They had their bye-week. Maybe they can bring back the fire in the start of the season.

18. Packers (17.6)

Uh Ohh. If losing 2 games to Favre wasn't bad enough, they lost to the Creamcicle Wearing Tampa Bay Bucs?

19. Bears (18.7)

his isn't your granddaddy's Bears. Shitty defense and Jeff George 2.0 throwing the rock all over the field. Jerry Angelo, you should be ashamed of yourself.

20. Jaguars (20.1)

Very average one week then down the next. This team needs a new D and new blood.

21. 49ers (20.6)

Alex Smith has started a petition to ban NFL teams from studying film of him. If it worked for LJ...

22. Panthers (22.1)

If Carolina could find a way to avoid turnovers this team would be a contending team. The defense is starting to play how they're supposed to and with a strong running game they have a chance to win every week.

The dreaded Pittsburgh Pirates Divisio We_suck_bmp_medium

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With a combined record of 17-70, these are the worst 10 teams in football. Only two of these 10 have more than 2 wins! Let’s hope our Chiefs can climb out of the Pirates division by seasons end. The currently rank 6th.

1. (23) Bills (23.6)

Good news is that they didn't lose because of a bye week. Bad news is that they will probably lose this week to the Titans.

2. (24)Titans (23.7)

Vince Young is making a comeback and Johnson is scary good. This team will win 7 games this year.

3. (25) Seahawks (23.7)

It sure was nice of the Hawks to spot the Lions 17 points last week.They are playing Arizona this week? Damn!! "Mental Note: Cancel bet against Cardinals with children's college funds this week."

4. (26) Redskins (26.2)

Injuries continue to destroy them…add Portis and Campbell to the growing list.

5. (27) Raiders (27.4)

Coming off the bye, Oakland faces AFC West rival Kansas City.  This game used to have teeth, now it's for control of the bottom half of the AFC West. This season, both teams are more known for off-field drama than on-field action.

6. (28) Chiefs (27.8)

If a one win team is facing a "must win" situation, it's this team, this week, in Oakland. Hopefully "Cassel to Chambers" is something the Kansas City faithful will hear for the rest of the year.

7. (29) Lions (29.4)

Nothing would make me happier than this.

8. (30) Buccaneers (29.9)

Isn't this typical? A team that can't buy a win goes out and lays wood to a team they have no business beating.

9. (31) Rams (30.4)

Hope St Louis fans engraved that win two weeks ago on something sturdy. Drew Brees and company are going to wipe it from their memories.

10. (32) Browns (31.9)

The Browns have brought Bernie Kosar back as a consultant and are rumored to be talking to Mike Holmgren about running football opps. Can any change really be bad for the Browns right now?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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