Why Piolli did not keep Herm as Head Coach this year

 Piolli wanted Cassel and Vrabel. Herm did not, Herm was on a youth movement that he stayed true to.
 Herm wanted to draft the best LB available in the first and then improve the O-Line. He also wanted Nate Davis at QB.

That was just the begining. See the differance.

Yea I know I would of been MUCH Happier if Herm had controlled the draft. I also really doubt he would of let Piolli trade Gonzo.

Just one more reason I think Pioli made a mistake in letting Herm go. He admitted that he did not know what our players had to offer, I think Herm did for sure. Second he did not know what moves were going to be the best for the Chiefs in 09.

Instead he wants to start a new 3 yr buiding exp. Doesn't he know we were on year two of a three year building plan.

I don't know about the rest of you but if it takes more than this offseason to make us competitive I want him gone.

Although I think with the release of Pollard and the decision to get Cassel and everyone saying we will have to live with Cassel next year he haas already set us BACK two seasons.

I really did not think I would say this but maybe Herms record really did fall mostly on the lack of a built Offense and the cordinating of Gun on  D. It was definatly time for Gunther to go, But my feelings on the rest.

Gailey > Haley as an O Cordinator

Gun who wasn't the answer > Pendergast and Gibbs

 So just my opinion when Carl BAILED on Herm I wanted him to move in as GM witch I think he would be great at. His problem as a Coach was clock managment witch he worked hard to fix but never really got there, however I love the players he brought to KC including Pollard and Tank Tyler.

Piolli has made NO moves I thought were great and most of them I strongly think to be mistakes.

Lets see what moves he made right Succop. Mays maybe the URFAs witch I think most credit for those go to Haley. After that I don't like most of them expecially the Cassel Vrabel trade witch I think was horrible I've herd all the dissaproval of that but its my opinion and all I can say to those people is will see what you think when next year is half over.

The few POSSIBLE good moves Chambers, might be good for the team Ndukwe and Alleman trade will atleast add depth where its needed. Lance Long but that credit goes to Haley.

Again I add they have done alittle to help and alot I think set us back.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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