It Can Be Half Full - Take a Drink



Each time another game is concluded on Sunday, it seems like the grim reaper claims more of his victims.

The latest echo of doom arrived promptly after the Kansas City Chiefs fell victim to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  On track to being the worst win/lose record in team history, the Kansas City Chiefs dwell at the bottom quarter of just about every meaningful category that the NFL can dream up.

For Chiefs fans concerned about the negative trend of KC news, maybe breathes of oxygen into those organs can bring back some sense, any sense, of life.  For fans waiting for their turn with the grim reaper, maybe this CPR can be your reprieve.

There is hope amid the carnage.

Despite all that is known about how damaging multiple losing seasons can be for an NFL franchise...a Chiefs cup can be half full.  The sustaining breaths of life are not in the records or the stats.  Those faint thumps of life, providing lifeblood to Chiefs Nation, are in the little victories that are won every day in practice.  Those breaths are in each player's individual progress that will culminate into a viable NFL team in 2010.

People in astonishing numbers are saying the grim reaper has come to claim those that are his.

Remember, the glass can be half full.


Take a drink.


  • Tyson Jackson:  What lit the fire under Tyson's butt?  He went from a guy who was struggling to get his arms extended and not get driven to a guy who actually contributed something in the Jacksonville game.  Even when he didn't make plays I was impressed with how he got off his block and actually looked like a starting defensive end in the NFL.  Good Job Tyson.  If Anthony Pleasant, whom the Chiefs brought in this past week to work with Tyson, is responsible for the upgrade in Jackson's play...then kudos to him. 
  • Tomba Hali:  Did you see all those passing yards Hali gave up in pass coverage?  Of course you didn't see any...that's because Tomba has made the switch, the switch from DE to OLB.  Oh ya, did you see him stuff the run when they came to his side a couple of don't run in Tamba's house, baby.
  • Defense:  How much better would the Chiefs defense be if the offense could actually keep them off the field for more than 5 minutes.  As many areas as we, as fans, think the defense needs to improve...they really did pretty good in Jacksonville considering the offensive problems.  Good job guys.  You are getting better.
  • Ryan O'Callaghan:  Looks like this one might stick.  He has a little ways to go but the Chiefs look like they have found a solid player off those waivers.  Good job Ryan.  Keep on improving and keep up the good work.
  • Brian Waters:  Brian, thanks for the years you have loyally served us in KC.  It appears that you still got the mojo...did we ever doubt you?  I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt at the start of the year.  I hope we can make it up to you.  Keep up the good work and show those young guys how to play some ball.
  • 4 Wide:  I hate to say this...I think the Chiefs can actually move the ball when they go four wide: Bowe, Chambers, Long, Wade.  Those o-lineman can probably see any blitz coming due to the fact that the defense is spread across the field.  Let's not go arrowspread guys... but maybe the line is ready to spread it out a little more.
  • Running Backs: No real improvement in the stats but I saw two quick backs in Jacksonville that often times found the hole..where ever it ended up being.  Good job guys.  We need you to have good vision and find the open hole.
  • Flowers & Carr:  What can I say.  Those two corners are still getting it done.  Ya, they get beat from time to time.  Looks like they give their all on every play and try and take pride in what they do.  Good job guys.
  • The Team:  I will say this about Todd Haley's Chiefs...they don't quit.  I have seen game after game of players working their butts off and coming back for more.  Any team like that is going to get out of the hole.  Maybe not this year...but keep it work'n guys.  That is something to be proud of.  That hard work will bring you out of the hole KC has been in.
  • Todd Haley:  I don't know if Haley will be the head coach in 5 years.  But I think because of him, or how he is, Bowe and Dorsey are better players.  I think Charles might end up being a better back then he would have been and Hali flourishes under Haley.  I think that even though Haley is an offensive guy his personality is more like a defensive guy.  As a result I see a defense that looks like they can get better.  Not a defense, like in the past, that looked bad and you just could not figure out how to fix it.  Haley brings a no nonsense kick ass attitude that our defense needed.  Thanks. 

Do you see anything in your glass of half full Chief?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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