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From the FanPosts  -Joel

A priority of the Kansas City Chiefs for the past 6 games has been improving the offensive line play.  Though Pioli  cannot be accused of not making moves to help the blocking situation, the line's inconsistent run blocking and at times horrid pass blocking have continued to be weaknesses. 

This game, things start to look as if baby steps are being made on the offensive line.  This post will again attempt to expose the players performances by evaluating the execution of each player on every offensive play... the film never lies.

Observations after reviewing the film:

  1. In the Jaguars game the tight ends were used very little in pass protection;Haley opting to use them more in patterns.  Maybe Haley sees more progress on the O-line and he is going to the next step...or maybe he sees how poorly the TEs pass block.
  2. Two weekends ago I made the comment that after reviewing the film it looked like the tight end blocking was poor.  In the Jacksonville game many running plays went opposite of the tight end.  A lot of times by design and sometimes due to reads.  
  3. During the Jaguars game, Albert and Alleman were the two lineman most susceptible to stunts and confusion.
  4. Alleman could block the guy in front of him in the Jacksonville game.  He had trouble with pass blocking, picking up stunts, and getting to blocks on the second level during run plays.
  5. This week I put all blitz assignment failures in the PB Double column.
  6. Albert looked awkward at LT.  I have no points of evidence...only a general impression.  Maybe this is due to being his first game back.

Here are the grades from first three quarters against the Jacksonville Jaguars:


                               Jacksonville Jaguars

Albert 80% -- 50% 90% 83% --
Waters 94% 100% 66% 100% 90% --
Niswanger 91% 100% 33% 84% 95% 3
Alleman 90% 100% 33% 88% 66% 1
O'Callaghan 92% 100% 50% 92% 90% 3
Ryan 4 for 4 -- -- 1 for 1 -- 1
Pope 1 for 2 1 for 1 -- -- -- --








Here's how it works:

  • Each offensive lineman was given a "+" for doing their job or a "-" for failing to do their job on each play.
  • These pluses and minuses were grouped into the type of block they were asked to do, e.g., a run block solo (RB Solo), a run block double team (RB Double), or a pass block solo (PB Solo), etc.
  • A "D", for "driven", was assigned every time a player was manhandled during a pass or run play.
  • The quality of the lineman's play is represented as a percentage below.  The higher the percentage the better the lineman did.
  • I tried to be very strict...I think Haley would want it that way.
  • One important note, some plays were unclear as to who exactly did not do their job, e.g., a defensive tackle going unblocked at the line of scrimmage.  Was it the centers fault?  The guards fault?  In these cases it was clear that a mistake was made and the player that looked to be most at fault was assigned the blame.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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