AP Power Rankings Week 5; Going Old School Edition



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Welcome to Week 5 of the AP Power Rankings! As has been the case the last few weeks we have a new #1. The Giants have unseated the Baltimore Ravens to snag our top spot. Beating the Kansas City Chiefs will apparently do that for a team. The G-Men just barley edged out the surging Vikings for the #1 spot. What does seem to be clear is that our panel believes the best team currently reside in the NFC with the top 3 spots going to the Giants, Vikings and Saints.

The biggest drop this week goes to the Baltimore Ravens who plummeted 6 spots from #1 all the way down to #7. Suck it up Baltimore; after all the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately", league.

The biggest jump this week goes, curiously, to the Miami Dolphins who ran the ball down the throat of the Buffalo Bills to rise 5 spots from #25 to #20. Don’t expect the Dolphins to continue to rise, however, as they are about to enter a brutal stretch with games against the Jets, Bye, Saints, Jets and the Patriots. The Dolphins may not win another game until week 10 when they meet up with one of the NFL’s favorite whipping boys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (#31 in our ranks).

The good news? Well thanks to the Browns, Rams and Bucs being absolutely terrible, the Chiefs have actually moved up in the rankings to now occupy the 29th spot. Here is hoping the return of the Dallas Texans this Sunday will change the course of the season for KC.

On to the rankings...

As always, we want to hear from you about these rankings. Who do you think is the best team in football right now?

1. Giants (2.1)

Giant's fans are holding their breath that Eli's extremely awkward injury won't derail their season. Until then, they stay high on the list.

2. Vikings (2.4)

In my opinion, this is the most complete team in the NFL. They need to look out for the trap game this week vs. the Rams then the real fun begins (Baltimore, @ Pitt, @ GB)

3. Saints (3)

The Saints are proving they can win any game and are doing it with offense and defense and thats bad for everyone else,

4. Colts (3.3)

To me the most complete team on both sides of the ball. Yes they can be run on at times but Manning is playing at a video game level.

5. Patriots (6.7)

Are they for real? Are they teasing us? We'll see in the coming weeks

6. Jets (7) 

Sanchez found out what it feels like to be a rookie. Tough Loss.

7. Ravens (7.5)

Officiating this year has been flat out terrible. The Ravens weren't helped by the "No Sudden Moves Around Tom Brady Rule" but they still need to find a way to close out big games.

8. Broncos (8.2)

Denver's defense looks good. Real good. Can they maintain and or build on their grasp of the AFC West? I think they can and will. (Editor’s Note: Screw the Broncos. We still hate them.)

9. Eagles (9)

Early bye weeks are usually useless. For the Eagles it could not have been at a better time.

10. Falcons (9.9)

This team still has some question marks but continue to linger in the upper echelon because the teams around them are failing.

11. Bears (10)

I can't stand Jay Cutler. I can't wait till they play the Vikings and Jared Allen knocks his freaking head off. (Editor’s Note: The individual comments made by each expert do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire panel. That, however, is not the case here.)

12. Bengals (11.8)

The Bengals are a curious team. They neever look spectacular but they are finding ways to win.

13. 49ers (12.8)

Picking on the Rams still counts as a win.

14. Packers (13.7)

Tough loss for Rodger’s and the pack. They’ll have a chance for revenge when Favre comes to Green Bay.

15. Steelers (13.9)

The Steelers are going to be in it until the end. Expect a big boost when Polomalu returns.

16. Cowboys (16.2)

Whether he knew what down it was or not, Romo still played as poorly as you could imagine.

17. Chargers (16.4)

That was a boring game.

18. Texans (18.6)

They tease you by looking good one week and mediocre the next. Good individual talent but Kubiak just doesn't seem to see the entire picture.

19. Jaguars (19.2)

Hanging in there. They play physical, tough football but they just aren’t as good as 2 years ago. 7-9 win team, tops.

20. Cardinals (19.3)

There was some doubt about Arizona being able to pull out a tie with the bye week, but they played to their capabilities for once and squeaked through.

21. Dolphins (21.7)

They finally showed us their true potential. They had a huge win over the Bills.

22. Redskins (21.9)

Zorn's interim replacement seems to have been brought in. I think they are going call the season early and go for Cowher/Holmgren/Shanahan.

23. Bills (23)

I was wondering when the T.O. Machine was going to breakdown. Doesn't seem like it took too long.

24. Seahawks (23.5)

I the Seahawks don't put it together this week; the door will close on another season.

25. Titans (25.6)

They don’t have their mojo from last year. Everyone think it's the loss of Haynesworth but I think the whole offense has taken a step back. 

26. Panthers (26.3)

Panthers are falling and theres no end in sight, a difficult schedule is not going to help them get better.

 27. Lions (26.7)

I'll give them credit, they continue to fight. The game against the Bears was closer than the score dictated. Stafford to Megatron will be a dominant duo in a year or two.

28. Raiders (28.1)

Haven't scored a touchdown in two weeks. A trip to NYC...that might stretch that streak to three.

29. Chiefs (29.3)

The Dallas Cowboys roll into Arrowhead to face the Dallas Texans of Kansas City. Looking down, Lamar Hunt is smiling.

30. Browns (29.8)

What would be a heartbreaking overtime loss for most teams was actually extremely encouraging for the Browns. Derrick Anderson moved the offense, the defense made some plays and thanks to an injury to Lewis, the Browns may have discovered there is a better RB on the roster in Harrison.

31. Bucs (30.2)

Tampa, Tampa, Tampa, I'm not sure what else to say but its a mess and its only getting messier.

32. Rams (31)

On the bright side they held the 49ers to 35 points last week.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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