Fun with the internet.

             I found this by searching for "How to avoid the blitz".Here's something I think you guys might like.

  1. Step 1

    Protecting the quarterback on offense and getting to the opposing quarterback on defense are two of the most important goals in any game. Defensive coordinators spend much of each week and much of each season devising schemes to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Usually, this involves putting more pressure on the offensive line by sending linebackers and defensive backs to wreak havoc on the quarterback. That makes offensive football a bit of a chess match for a quarterback. While his primary goal is to throw accurate passes, he must deceive the defense and get away from the pass rushers before he delivers the ball. The quarterback can run away from the defenders or fake them out of position. Doing either one will buy him more time to stay on his feet and give his receivers time to get open.

  2. Step 2

    Get your quarterback moving. Instead of taking a three- or five-step drop and setting up in the pocket, get the quarterback rolling out. If he is a right-handed quarterback, he takes the snap from center and rolls out to the right sideline. The pressure that comes from the quarterback's left will have a much more difficult time getting him in range to bring him down. Throwing on the run has its difficulties, but it also has its advantages. It allows the quarterback to hold onto the ball until the last second, and it also allows the quarterback to put more "tough" on the ball and make it more catchable for the receiver.

  3. Step 3

    Rolling out will make life much more difficult and frustrating for the defense. Since the defensive line is chasing the quarterback on every pass, it is much more likely to get tired out. A quarterback who is in the pocket and decides to take off needs at least a step or two to reach full speed. A quarterback who is on the run is already at full speed and will have an easier time making moves to make a pass rusher miss.

  4. Step 4

    Confidence levels increase significantly. Once a quarterback goes three, four or five plays without getting hit, the offensive line has more confidence that it can do the job, and doubt is created in the defense's mind. Keeping the quarterback upright will allow the offensive coordinator to open up the rest of the playbook. As the passing game becomes more dangerous, the opponent won't be looking to stop the run. The concern is stopping the passing game, which will open up the running lanes. Balance is the key to winning offensive football, and a quarterback who can evade the pass rush will help his team become more balanced.

                               Haven't seen a lot of these steps...

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