Chiefs Fantasy Outlook: Week Five vs Dallas Cowboys

Predictions from Week Four can be found here. The predicted numbers and the actual numbers for last week can be found at the end of this article.


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It is a bad time to be a Chiefs fan. Nothing can put the damper on your football passion like an 0-4 start. So do what I do when your team sucks eggs. Turn to fantasy football and find that your team is really not that bad...on paper...

The Chiefs actually had a respectable showing for the fantasy football world. Not a "this guy is going to win me my league" kind of week. More of a, "Please hold this baby down while my fantasy stars are on a bye week." The good news is that this trend will probably continue.

The Chiefs have faced 3 Super Bowl contenders in 4 weeks. The stats are going to start getting better from here on out.  It's time to start eyeing a few KC players as possible waiver wire pickups for depth.

When your a Chiefs fan ( and if you're actually reading this you must be) you take positives where you can get them. Three fantasy Chiefs and a sleeper after the break.


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Matt Cassel

Considering what kind of pressure that the Giants were putting on him last week, Cassel had an outstanding fantasy weekend. 127 yards and 2 TD's is a good day's work for a man running for his life. He had the added bonus of running for 25 yards. You can bank on the fact that he'll continue to gain yards on the ground as well as with his arm. He threw to 8 different receivers and hit 7 of them. His ball distribution was very Brady-esque. Which is great for Cassel owners and killer for Bowe, Wade and Bradley owners (yes some people own Bradley and Wade). If he's available on your waiver wire, it's time to snag him, especially  if you are relying on a reserve like Jason Campbell. that likes to throw interceptions. And take this with you when you set your bye week roster for Sunday: Orton threw for 243 yds and two TD's against the Cowboys. Now it's Cassel's turn.

Matt Cassel prediction: 275 yards, 1 TD, 0 int


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Larry Johnson

It's time. Larry is pissed. The only thing that would better for a Chiefs fan than a pissed off Larry Johnson would be if the Cowboys taped an ear of corn to Tony Romo when Tank Tyler was lined up at NT. We can debate if Larry has lost a step or if the problem lies solely with the line, but Larry is going to break 100 yards this season. He is going to make a diamond in the endzone. I see it this week. Dallas has shown that it can be worn down. Denver ran for 44 of its 116 rushing yards in the 4th quarter last weekend. Add in the fact that LJ probably feels he'll have to make his own TD because Haley is going to call passes down in the red zone and LJ become a good flex RB this week. Now we just have to hope Haley doesn't bench him....

Larry Johnson prediction: 105 yards, 1 TD, 3 receptions, 20 yards receiving


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Ryan Succop (the Chicks_Love_Chiefs special)

Succop had a decent week against the Giants. Better than I thought he would. Not that I don't love Succop, but the KC Offense has been anemic. That ends, sort of, this week. KC will move the ball more against the Cowboys and Succop will have his opportunities. If you have one of the top kickers I wouldn't drop him in favor of Succop. But if you have Robbie Gould and need someone to come in for this Sunday, Succop will be a solid kicker for you.

Ryan Succop prediction: 2 FG's, 2 EP


KC Fantasy Sleeper


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Sean Ryan

When are you a sleeper two weeks in a row? When you've virtually doubled your 4 year career numbers in two games. One more week and Ryan goes from sleeper to my new hero. Cassel is living on check-downs and hot reads. Ryan is providing an outlet in both cases. He caught 5 passes and was targeted 7 times last week. KC fans watching the game probably aren't getting excited by the 5 yard dump pass to Ryan, but fantasy owners are  grinning. It doesn't hurt that the Denver TE's combined for 6 catches and 91 yards against the Cowboys last week. His highest value though is in being a big-body endzone target. Bowe and Cassel are not quite on the same page. Ryan is benefiting, and so can your fantasy team.

Sean Ryan prediction: 6 receptions, 65 yards, 0 TD's


Mushin's Week 4 Predictions (Wade and Bradley are killing me this year)

-Bobby Wade

Bobby Wade prediction: 4 recpetions, 38 yards, 1 TD

Acutal Numbers: 2 receptions, 8 yards, 1 TD

-Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley prediction: 5 receptions, 57 yards, 0 TD's

Actual numbers: 2 recpetions 19 yards

-Jamaal Charles

Jamaal Charles prediction: 30 yards rusing, 7 receptions for 75 yards, 0 TD's

Acutal Numbers: 24 yards rushing, 0 receptions, 0 TD's

-Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan prediction: 5 catches, 43 yards, 0 TDs

Actual Numbers: 5 catches, 58 yards, 1 TD

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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