Take Haley for what he said

I have been doing alot of complaining about the moves we made. (past)

Since I do believe in Haley as are head coach from this point on its about the now and what we can do with the team we have.

I have not seen a good game out of Cassel yet but if Haley thinks he is the man for the job. (I WILL BE PATIANT)

So the O-Line is our weakness what can we do about it. O,Callagahn looked pretty good with the exeption of wiffing on one screen play he played a good game.

That frees up Ndukwe to move inside where he is a better fit. Goff is getting old and by no means has looked like a dominant player. Ndukwe is pretty young and is a good RG. I would like to see the move.

LT Albert LG Waters C Niswanger RG Ndukwe RT O,Callagahn could be a solid front.

TE Pope and Ryan offer at worst an average 1-2 at TE. could be good.

With that being said and already talking about how much I like our WRs with time to GEL we can be solid

The biggest issue to me is Jackie Battle appears to be nothing more than a waste of roster space. It is pretty obvious watching the games that LJ is #1 Savage and Charles should be in a dog fight for the #2 spot and that is our RBs no room for Battle he is not worth the spot.

As far as the Defense goes I have seen improvment in LB core although it is not good enough yet the ability is. 

The D-Line is getting better mostly the play of Dorsey has improved still waiting on Jackson to show me some more.  I Love Tank but he needs to step it up Edwards aswell.

I also think we need to find out who are starters are at ILB and stick with them. Hopefully DJ getting healthy will improve the rotation as I believe we need Williams and Johnson on the field in passing situations and Mays should be used mostly on known running situations. Belcher has shown that he has the ability just needs more time to get comfortable with the speed of the game.

I will back track alitlle on what I said about Vrabel and say If Mays or someone else at LB can get everyone in the right place than Maybe get Mays on the Edge in passing situations for his speed and ability to rush the passer.

I loved the new nickel package as was pointed out on the Chiefs web page as McGraw was able to make a couple plays.

Thainking of all this I'm looking forward to a very competitive game on Sunday.

Lets get a Win!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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