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Lots of articles today.

For the second week in a row, the Chiefs got a taste of NFC East football.

And for the second week in a row, they got punched in the face. This time the New York Giants provided the whipping, taking a 27-16 victory that was not nearly as close as that score indicates. Two fourth-quarter TDs by the Chiefs made it somewhat respectable.

Gives this to the Chiefs: they did not give up. They were playing from behind on the scoreboard from the game’s start. But just as they were last week in Philadelphia, the Chiefs were never in a position to win this game. They cannot compete with a team like the Giants, now 4-0 on the season. Tom Coughlin’s team went 3-0 on three-game road trip to Dallas, Tampa and Kansas City.

Chiefs Get Smacked Again By NFC East from Bob Gretz

Who would have expected this? A tough season seemed unavoidable, with as much change that was promised and delivered. But when Haley took over the offense five weeks ago after firing coordinator Chan Gailey, things were supposed to at least be different. The ways of the past were to dissolve. The futility of last year was to lift. The frustration in the locker room would ease.

Instead, the Chiefs are riding an offense that seems as lost as ever.

Chiefs offense struggles once again in a 27-16 loss to the Giants from KC Star

For the first time in 29 years, the Chiefs have begun the NFL season 0-4.

The last time it happened was in 1980, under head coach Marv Levy. That was Rebuilding No. 2 in the history of the Chiefs franchise.

That was just after Rebuilding I under Paul Wiggin and before Rebuilding III directed by John Mackovic.

This 0-4 biscuit is courtesy of Rebuilding VIII, from the duo of Pioli/Haley.

The business of turning a football team into a contender isn’t easy. I don’t believe Pioli/Haley thought it would be, although I doubt they considered it would be as tough as things have gotten with the 2009 Chiefs.

Column: Chiefs Struggling To Be A Team from Bob Gretz

KC Star Photo Gallery: Giants 27, Chiefs 16 | Sunday Oct. 4

Question: After four games are you comfortable with the offense right now?

Cassel: “When you’re 0-4 you’re trying to find a comfort level somewhere. We’ve got to continue to make strides to do that. I don’t know what you would say we’re hanging our hat on right now, but as we move forward we need to figure out our identity pretty quickly and get better at the things we do well.”

Of course, it would be nice to identify something the Chiefs offense does well, but good luck finding that.

 OK, there is one thing – they are fantastic on fourth down. This season they’ve converted eight of 11 fourth down plays, or 72.7 percent.

Chiefs Offensive Woes Are Deep from Bob Gretz

“At some point, we’ve got to stop doing the things to hurt us,” Chiefs coach Todd Haley said. “That’s a killer. You open the game like that, this is a morale-breaker.”

Charles battled fumbling problems at training camp and inexplicably lost the ball in the Chiefs’ preseason game at Minnesota with no other players close to him. It’s no secret that such mistakes are galling to Haley.

Chiefs’ Charles plays give-and-take with returns from KC Star

Whatever the case, Johnson didn’t make himself clear afterward. Asked what the difference was in Sunday’s game, Johnson merely said, “Ego.” He repeated the word each of the five times he was asked to explain his answer.

Johnson also may have been irritated at the play-calling around the goal line. The Chiefs took six snaps inside the New York 5 in the fourth quarter, and five were passes. Only once did the Chiefs hand the ball to Johnson and try to make their way on the ground.

Johnson issued the standard player answer when asked about the play-calling.

“I’m not the coach,” he said evenly. “I can only speak for myself. I try to get out there and do the best I can.”

LJ says ‘ego’ is the difference in loss to Giants from KC Star

Whitlock Alert

And please, someone tell me what linebacker Derrick Johnson did to the Chiefs’ coaching staff. Is he simply a high-profile example of Haley’s and Pioli’s willingness to target any player for embarrassment?

Johnson spent most of Sunday afternoon warming up on the sideline, jogging, stretching, trying to keep circulation in his legs. In terms of big plays this season, Johnson is responsible for the biggest — the long interception return against the Ravens. A team in desperate need of playmakers could certainly be helped by Johnson’s athletic ability.

He’s a bench-warmer. He’s a symbol in the my-way-or-the-highway army.

Chiefs’ play is scaring the wrong people from KC Star

And on Sunday, Smith didn’t waste much time going to work. His first catch was a 3-yard touchdown reception in the back of the end zone that gave the Giants an early 7-0 lead. Smith caught six more balls in the half, including a 25-yard touchdown strike from quarterback Eli Manning in the second quarter that put the Giants ahead 14-3.

“On the touchdown, they went to cover-two and we ran a double post,” Manning said. “We weren’t expecting to get that coverage, but we got it, made the adjustment and he ran a great route.”

Giants receiver Smith makes people take notice from KC Star

At the end of a passing play early in the fourth quarter, Manning came down oddly and injured the back of his right foot. He did not return when the Giants got the ball back, as David Carr stepped in to finish out the game.

His absence wasn’t because the Giants had a big lead. According to head coach Tom Coughlin, his starting quarterback couldn’t go back in.

“His foot is just hurt,” said Coughlin. “I saw it when he stepped forward to throw … I don’t really think there was any contact, he was just driving into the throw and all of a sudden he kind of showed that he had a little issue.”

Eli Injured, Chiefs Defense & Other Notes-Quotes from Bob Gretz

But as the Chiefs’ season reached the quarter pole without a victory, any sign of progress can be interpreted as encouraging — and the defense dug in at times, especially early, to keep the game close.

For starters, the Chiefs forced the usually careful Giants into their third and fourth turnovers of the year.

Both happened in the first quarter. One created points, the other prevented them.

Early takeaways can’t stem tide for Chiefs from KC Star

The Giants are calling the injury a bruised heel. Manning said he isn’t sure what it is and he’ll probably know more today after tests to determine the nature and extent of the injury.

Though Manning was able to limp off the field under his own power and walked around after the game with his right foot heavily wrapped, there is some concern about his short-term well-being.

Chiefs blitz | Giants QB Manning injures foot from KC Star

In his first five NFL seasons, tight end Sean Ryan had all of 12 catches and didn’t score a touchdown.

Four games into the 2009 season, he’s almost matched his career receptions while already topping his career touchdowns. Ryan caught five passes, including one for a touchdown, in Sunday’s 27-16 loss to the Giants.

That gives him 11 receptions and two touchdowns. Not bad for a guy who had been little more than a situational blocker until now.

Chiefs buzz | Ryan is catching on at tight end from KC Star

This may come as good news to fans around town: The Chiefs will have a completely different-looking team for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys at Arrowhead Stadium.

This will be an AFL Legacy Game, meaning the Chiefs will wear uniforms like the ones donned by the 1962 Dallas Texans. The uniforms will feature helmets with gray facemasks and a Texas-shaped decal with a gold star showing the location of the city of Dallas.

The week ahead | Chiefs will sport throwback uniforms against Cowboys from KC Star

For Jarrad Page, the play was a safety’s dream. New York wide receiver Steve Smith and the ball were coming simultaneously into Page’s territory in the middle of the field on a second-quarter play Sunday.

Page broke up the pass with what appeared to be a clean hit on Smith, only to be dismayed when he saw the penalty flag come out.

Page shaking his head after being penalized for hit from KC Star

When the Chiefs scored what were the game's last points with less than five minutes left, an otherwise meaningless touchdown (that made the total 43) reverberated among the over-under bettors. The overs were elated and the unders chagrined.

Chiefs' final TD not pointless at all from The Philadelphia Inquirer

The road-warrior Giants will triumphantly return home next Sunday with control of the NFC East after sweeping a three-game road trip.

They just don't know if their franchise quarterback will be with them when they do.

The excitement of another easy win, this time 27-16 over the Kansas City Chiefs (0-4), was dampened by the sight of Manning limping toward the locker room after the game with an injured right foot. The Giants (4-0) are calling it a "bruised heel," but Manning said what he felt was more of a pull or a strain.

Eli Manning's injury overshadows Giants' 27-16 domination of Chiefs from The NY Daily News

* Speaking of the Chiefs, they were the dominant AFC team against the NFC in the 1990s, posting a 30-12 record. Kansas City whipped defending Super Bowl champions (Washington in 1991) and future Super Bowl champs (San Francisco in 1994 and Green Bay in 1996). But the Chiefs can no longer buy a win against the NFC. Their loss to the Giants on Sunday was their eighth in a row.

Observations from Week 4 from

Player Tweets (is this the begining?)

ToonIcon EGO.... EGO..... EGO..... EGO
ToonIcon Best Comeback Ever: It is what it is
ToonIcon LMFAO!!!!!!! Quagmire!!!!!! Family Guy Episode tonite.
superdj56 Giants 27:16 Chiefs

Media and Fans

JoshLooney Chiefs went face-to-face with a big, physical football team today. A team, KC one day strides to be. Lots of work to do this week...
atArrowhead - Thanks to all you chiefs fans who stuck around to support your team and a great cause.
JoshLooney his groin has healed, just didn't get in much today RT @indianaryan: @JoshLooney where has Derrick Johnson been? did he reinjure himself?
Adam_Schefter Wow. RT @NFLfootballinfo: WR Steve Smith now has most receptions (34) through 1st four games of season in Giants history.

JoshLooney Donkeys are 4-0 while Chiefs 0-4 for first time in 29 me from this bizarro world

roontaaron: so many wings and so much pizza today during and between naps....stupid chiefs!

Rachlovsherboys: So far the Cowboys can only play good every other game. We'll beat the Chiefs, and some how ruin our season during our bye week! lol!
cornerblitz13: Wanted to thank the Chiefs as a Raiders fan. Without them, we would have attempted the 0-16 record. We'll try again for 0-16 next year!

outletmallgal: @PrototypeDemo Condolences for entire season? Hmm, not a bad idea since we're playing Dallas next weekend. It's accepted. TYVM, RIP CHIEFS!

presidentkenny: dear kc chiefs, i still have hope for superbowl XLI, make it happen, only 4 games behind broncos, we can steal it
610SportsKC: The Chiefs are now 0-4 as they move into the second quarter of the season. Are you encouraged BY ANYTHING you have seen so far. Discuss now

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