Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings Week 8; The Chiefs Can't Lose Edition


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Welcome to Week 8 of the Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings; The Chiefs Can’t Lose Edition. That’s right, the Chiefs cannot lose this week. It is a shame the teams BYE fell on the same weekend as Halloween because there is nothing more terrifying than watching the Chiefs play football. Ah well, I guess we’ll have to get our scares watching the Rams vs. Lions game.

The Saints hold on to the top spot, again narrowly edging out the Colts. This seems to be pretty fair considering the combined record of the Saint’s opponents this year is 19-20. The Colt’s opponents record? 11-26!

The Vikings slipped a little after their loss to the Steelers and the Broncos hold steady through their BYE and sit in the #3 spot.

Enjoy your Halloween folks and enjoy the Rankings. Better days are ahead in KC…we hope.


1. Saints (1.6)

Did anyone really think the Saints wouldn't come back to win Sunday? This team is winning when they want and how they want and that's bad news for everyone else.

2. Colts (1.9)

This team is a machine. They get a lead and then they use their pass rush to wear out their opponents.

3. Broncos (3.6)

The number one defense in the league is led by Elvis Dumervil who, at mid-season has 23 total tackles (22 solo, 1 assisted), 2 forced fumbles, and 10 sacks. Wow.

4. Vikings (3.8)

Tough loss to the Steelers, but except for a couple tough bounces (and shitty calls), they outplayed them in Heinz Field. AP MackTrucking William Gay is my favourite play all year thus far.

5. Patriots (4.3)

Tom Brady and Company had no problem in London beating the Buccaneers.

6. Steelers (6.5)

You didn't really think the Steelers were going to go away did you?

7. Bengals ( 7.3)

The Bengals have won all 3 of their road games this year which is good news considering the still have 5 more against Vikings, Steelers, Chargers and Jets. Oh yeah, and the Raiders.

8. Giants (7.6)

Showing signs of cracking. Offense made mental errors and defense has not got the pressure they are used to. If there is a time to have these problems, mid-season is that time.

9. Cardinals (10.2)

Run for a TD, defense plays well. Who the hell were those guys with the red bird on the side of their helmet?

10. Falcons (10.4)

The bad D was going to catch up with them sooner or later. This team is a clone to the 2003 Chiefs and even have the same tight end.

11. Eagles (11.6)

Had their way with the skins. Should get a boost with their O-Line help back.

12. Cowboys (11.8)

Looked much improved after the bye. Need consistency from their breakout WR.

13. Packers (13)

After back to back asskickings, they have Captain Motivation on their side coming into this weeks game vs Minnesota. Hopefully Captain Motivation is a decent O-Lineman, cuz Jared Allen is coming!

14. Ravens (14.4)

The Bengals and Steelers have left the Ravens little room for error the rest of the way.

15. Texans (15)

Great offence they are starting to grow as a team. Posied for a 9-10 win season.

16. Chargers (15.4)

The Chargers left KC with their heads held high. They're spared NFL reality one more week as the offensively anemic Oakland Raiders come to town.

17. Jets (15.6)

Raiders were so easy it was like a lunch break for the J-E-T-S!

18. 49ers (18.6)

Alex Smith certainly gave them a spark. I'll withhold judgment until teams have had a week to prepare for him again.

19. Bears (19.1)

I'll take bad trades for $1000 Alex…"Who did the Bears give 2 1st round draft picks and a potential NFL MVP to Denver for?"…answer? "Jay Freaking Cutler"

20. Dolphins (19.2)

Played great but sadly no one can beat the Saints.

21. Jaguars (21)

MJD IS a great RB but something is missing.

22. Bills (21.9)

They played better. The just need to work on some things and who knows they might be contending in this division.

23. Seahawks (22.2)

Damion Mcintosh is at LT for the hawks? Dibs on Hasselbeck's stereo!

24. Panthers (24.1)

You gotta wonder if this team would be better if they just ran the ball every play. Take a page out of Miami's playbook John Fox and you'll stand a better chance.

25. Lions (25.9)


26. Chiefs (27)

The brutal first half of the season is over, KC standing at 1-6, which was expected by many. Thank Chiefus for the bye week.

27. Raiders (27.1)

Cable benches Russell, Russell blames his receivers, and the Raiders have scored 62 points for the season.

28. Redskins (27.8)

A team in turmoil. They have little to no desire or direction.

29. Browns (28.4)

Cleveland fans have had enough. They are planning a protest in which they will walk in late to the Browns Monday night game against the Ravens.

30. Buccaneers (29.9)

The Bucs must've felt like they were travelling across the world in vain because everyone knew what the outcome would be. Although at least they got a nice vacation out of the deal.

31. Titans (30.4)

The bottom line; no inside pass rush too many injuries and Collins looks really old.

32. Rams (31.7)

Chiefs only lost by 30. Poor Rams remain 2nd best team in Missouri. Or as I like to think of them, the 1st loser.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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