Four Rushes To Judgement On Our Chiefs

Okay guys, we're all making a few rushes to judgement.  I've seen a lot of comments about people making predictions of what will and won't happen.  I'm here to clear it up for you with a healthy dose of reality and a pinch of optimism. 

1. OMG I think Brodie Croyle will/should start after the bye.  
I hate to break it to this segment of the AP faithful, but its absolutely not going to happen.  Whether Matt Cassel is playing up to his QB of the Future moniker or not, the fact is he was brought in to be the guy.  Yes, he needs better weapons.  Yes, he needs a better offensive line.  Yes, the play calling has been suspect.  However, he's going to get multiple seasons to prove you right or wrong.  JaMarcus Russell, Trent Edwards, Jason Campbell.  Those QBs all have had infinitely more time than you're wanting to give Cassel to develop, yet Cassel's season with New England represents the best season any of the four QBs has had. 

Brodie has shown to be injury prone (and that's putting it nicely) and I don't know how you can think he'd hold up under the constant barrage KC QBs are under behind this OL. 

2. Fire Haley!
Once again, this one's not happening.  Last I checked, we haven't become the Oakland Raiders.  Clark and Pioli are committed to turning around the franchise.  If you look at the worst 5 franchises in the last decade, one of the greatest common denominators is instability at leadership positions, whether that be head coach or GM.  The Pioli/Haley/Hunt trio will get at least 2-3 years before anyone even considers a head coaching change. 

3. Glenn Dorsey is a bust.
Thankfully, this one has calmed down a bit but there are still detractors out there.  Once you can get past the difference in roles of DEs in 3-4s vs 4-3s, you'll realize that Dorsey's numbers for his first and second years are right in line with those of other great defensive linemen.  Its one of the toughest parts of the defense for players to make the transition, but all signs point to his improvement and steady progress.  averagegatsby was kind enough to provide some statistics here.

4. We need to draft an OT in the first round of the 2010 draft.
Give Brandon Albert some time to adjust to his new playing weight.  He got away with an awful lot last year in the scheme Gailey was using.  He could just throw his weight around.  In the end, he'll be better for it and be in better shape.  Our OL upgrades will be better spent on the interior line (Why does Goff still have a starting spot, much less a roster spot?) at the G and C positions.  Depth is always needed but Albert and O'Callaghan are serviceable at worst.


Well, I'm sure I'll think of a few more as soon as I publish this but I'm just tired of all the misplaced negativity.  At least I managed to leave LJ out of this one.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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