Chiefs Roster Checklist

From the FanPosts. -Chris

Here it is, the bye week.  I thought it'd be a perfect time to review each spot on the 53 man roster, and categorize players as one of three things:

  • Solid Starter/Contributor- little or no need to upgrade (replace ONLY if a great player comes along)
  • Average Contributor- an upgrade would be good, but not mandatory ( replace if possible)
  • A Roster Hole- upgrade sorely needed (gotta find a replacement)


  • 14 Solid Starters/ Contributors
  • 22 Average Contributors (most of the LB fit here... so I could see possible upgrades)
  • 9 Roster Holes: S, RB, RG, C, WR , NT, TE (these are clearly the shopping list for the draft/FA)
  • 8 I'm not sure about, or it's too early to tell

Let me know your thoughts (details after the jump)


QB Cassel : solid.  Yes, he could play better, but a QB upgrade is NOT a need

QB Croyle and Gutierrez:  average.  They are fine as backups, unless there's someone better out there

RB LJ: Roster Hole.  I think he's gone after this last fiasco.  If not, he needs to be gone in the offseason.

RB Charles: solid.  Not a starter yet, but he's clearly a talented contributor, and his role should increase.

RBs Savage and Smith: average.  Hopefully Smith steps up in the coming weeks when he's back.

WR Bowe:  solid.  Yes, he has some drops, but he makes some great catches for the team.

WR Wade:  solid.  Not spectacular, but he's the Chiefs' #2.

WR Bradley: average.  I'd like to see more out of him.  He could be "upgraded" or kept.

WR Long: I think the will end up being solid.  Too early to give a final grade.

WR Copper: solid... as a Special Teams guy, Roster Hole as a WR.  I can see why he's on the roster.

WR Engram:  roster hole... haven't really seen him at all this year. 

TE Pope/Cottam/Ryan/O'Connell... roster holes.  Ryan has made some good plays, but he's made more bad ones.  The others are invisible.  Upgrade needed at TE for sure, unless someone steps up soon.

FB Cox: average.  Based on the running game, I'd say he may be below average, I just can't tell if it's his fault.

OTs Albert and O'Callaghan: solid.  I could see where both could be upgraded... but I wouldn't bother, unless a fantastic tackle is availalbe.

OTs Ndukwe and Richardson: average.  Both guys could be contributors... though I'd like to see Ike at Guard.

OG Waters: solid... for now.  He's not having a great year, nor is Albert... but I think Waters can still play for another year if the other positions are upgraded.

OG Goff: the definition of Roster Hole.  Terrible year, can't believe he's playing

OGs Wade Smith and Andy Alleman: average.  Both could be versatile valuable backups... but not sure either is a starter at this point.

C Niswanger: Roster Hole.  Not getting it done, and now is hurt... I think this is the #1 team need.



NT Edwards: average.  He's played well, but an upgrade could easily be coming next year.

NT Smith: Roster Hole.  He's just a placeholder at backup NT.

DEs Dorsey and Jackson:  solid.  Contrary to popular belief, these guys are the cornerstones of the defense, and are playing pretty well.  They will only get better.

DEs Magee and Gillberry: solid... as backups, so far. 

LB Vrabel: solid.  He's been a real leader on defense.  The Chiefs should draft his understudy, though.

LBs Studebaker and Walters: average.  Haven't seen much from either, except on ST.

LBs Belcher, Mays, Williams, DJ: average.  Each brings something different to the table, and have played well in spots... but each could be replaced.  I'm lumping DJ in with all the rest, because that's how Haley sees it.

LB Hali: solid.  He's been a nice surprise, and has made a great transition to OLB.  He gets a great push, and has a non-stop motor.

LB Herron: too early to tell, probably just a place holder/ ST guy.

CBs Flowers and Carr: solid.  Both have played pretty well.  Carr gets burned more than Flowers, but I think both are part of the long term plan at CB.

CBs Legget, Washington, Richardson: average or roster hole.  Each has played well at times, terrible at times.  I could see upgrades here.

S Page, Brown, McGraw, Morgan: average or roster hole.  Could use an upgrade here... Page is the best of the bunch, and Brown is a good leader, but none of these guys are good in coverage.  Eric Berry, please!!!


Special teams:

K Succop: Solid

P Colquitt: Solid

KR Charles: Average to Solid.  He seems to be getting better, and he certainly has the speed.

PR Wade: Average to Roster Hole.  He (usually) catches the punt, but he's not a threat to return it.  If Long or Lawrence can show they are reliable, they could take this job.  Otherwise, look for a draft pick to upgrade.

LS Gafford: Average to Roster Hole.  That blocked kick was bad... but other than that, he's been fine.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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