I wanted to thank all the KC fans for my 2010 Seat Upgrade

Being what I thought an unlucky break in life, relocating to Kansas from Chicago in 1990, I found solace in adopting the Chiefs/Royals as a fan.  I wasn't  cheating on my 30 years as a Bears/Cubs fan, as my newly adopted local teams were in the AFC/AL.

I was able to obtain Chiefs season tickets beginning in 1994, and after the two 13-3 years in the late 90's, I was amazed at the fan support when the Chiefs faltered to .500 or below records '98 through '02.  Arrowhead was a mecca for true loyalty.  A place where cynicism didn't exist.  Only 100+ decibel fan support, week after week!  Seat upgrades were difficult to come by, but I slowly inched my way toward the 50 in the upper level section.  My friends in Chicago complained that Bears fans did nothing but complain after the Bears won the Superbowl in '85.  Chicagoan's were spoiled with one successful year, and quickly forgot what the meaning of the true fan experience was.  I told my Chicago friends since childhood, there was still a place in the Midwest where the NFL experience was magical, where the fans were "true", regardless of the outcome.

Fastforward to 2009.  I'm now sitting in the Field level seats almost at the goal line.  It's still a tough upgrade compared to other stadiums.  And I know, because I broker event tickets for my retirement.  I was able to get 4 Dolphins lowers on the 10 yard line, 1st year after they went 1-15.  I can pick up STL PSl's for pennies on the dollar.  Last year, I bought 4 seasons in Zona, 50 yard line uppers, easy to get.

But from the KC fanbase comments in 2009, I can tell, KC is going the way of Miami, STL, Zona, Clev, SF, Cincy, etc., etc., etc.  I'm counting on you guys to help me get to the 10, maybe even the 20 next year!  And when the Chiefs turn things around and you jump back on the bandwagon, enjoy those nose bleeders, while I'm sitting on the 20, or better!

It's ironic, that when a team is in a winning mode, the fan base simply comes together as one, nothing more needs to be said.  But, oh, when a few years of dismal losing records hit the stats, every fan becomes an instant NFL analyst, coach, GM. LMAO  You guys really think you know more about football than a Haley or Pioli?  Do you really think these guys aren't giving it 150%?  Cassel has two interceptions yesterday that weren't his fault, and the Croyle talk starts again!  If Thigpen were still here, we'd be getting Thiggy calls from the boobirds.

Cassel gives every ounce of effort he is capable of, every down.  A lot of other QB's would throw the ball away to preserve their bodies, behind a weak offensive line.  Not Cassel, he gives it 150% also, trying to make something happen.  And until yesterday, his attempts/Oscy ratio was phenomenal considering the line that was in front of him, and an LJ that only gives a damn, so his trade value might be worth something next year.

We've got a very young team, sprinkled with a few twilight year vets.  We have a positive future.  Pride will return to Arrowhead after the new management turns things back around.

And when all of you instant analysts, GM's, Coaches turn back into fans, and want to go to the games every Sunday.  I'll be right there, to sell you the seats you can't buy on your own, at 3x's face value.  Thanks for the future business, my retirement depends on you!





This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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