After reading the LJ tweet comments, everyone was either dogging LJ, cassel or pioli/haley and i think all of them to be somewhat accountable.... but pioli/haley need to be first, for their poor talent evaluation of this team they inherited. So here are some of my thoughts


First starting with pioli, i think he will be a great GM for the chiefs, I just dont understand how he could be so off in his evaluation of the O line and recieving core. I think there were alot of servicable O lineman that could have improved this team, especially jason brown. The free agent receivers were a diffrent story, outside of houshmanzadeh and washington there wasnt alot there, as we all have seen housh hasnt done much since getting paid. I also think we thought the draft would add some starters but it obviously didnt, I hope that it was pioli drafting in NE and not bellichek. I think tyson will be a descent end but only time will tell, so the only real contributor from the draft has been succop, i hope alot of the other players will develop, but like i said only time will tell.


Again i think only time will tell but i think hes biggest mistake was letting gailey go, just watching what gailey did with this terrible offense last year, showed how good a OC he really was. I also think haley need to cut out the hard nose a hole character, the only way that works is when you have proven that you can win. Grown men arent going to be treated like babies by a guy that hasnt proven he can be a NFL coach.


this could be a biased view because im a huge cassel fan. but i just dont think we can point fingers at him. Yeh he has had two terrible games oakland and today where he throught five INT. but give the guy a break he protects the ball and does the best he can with what hes been dealt. It all starts with the line when hes running for his life and getting sacked 4 or 5 times a game, that just makes it impossible for a QB to get comfortable back there. This also leadds to the lack of rushing game, if we cant rush it how is he supposed to open up the passing game. And lastly the recieving core, We need more quality recievers if we arent going to use a tight end in the passing game we need at least two more good recievers. Soo i think we just need to give the guy some time and some talent around him, yeh everyone says we payed him 63 million dollars he should be doing wonders but a little over ten million a year isnt that much when your talking about the most important player on your team.......everyone wanted sanchez and now look at him it looks like the first couple of games were a little decieving and hes making alot more that cassel


same goes with LJ and the rest of the running backs in the league, your only as good as the line thats blocking for you. This is deffinatly visible when LJ had the best line in the league compared to what he has now. And all the people that think we should have cut him who would have ran the ball, kolby just got back, charles fumbles wayyy too much and looks like he is too small to be an every down runner, i think he is a great compliment back but not someone who should carry the ball 25 times a game, and jackie battle should just stick with Special teams. As for his twitter comments, i dont think he should have called out haley so publicly, but i think someone has to hold haley accountable, the players shouldnt have too be treated like children but more like the professionals they are.

With all this being said i think its only gonna take time, I think cassel and LJ can still be the type of players we were all hoping they would be as long as we get 2 or 3 quality lineman in the draft and free agency next year.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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