AP Power Rankings Week 7; Victory Edition


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The Saints are the best team in football. At least according to AP’s "Experts." Well, at least half of us anyway. 5 of the 10 voters had the Saints numero uno. Strangely enough, Big Daddy Blog Father Chris Thorman was the only one to rank them #2. The remaining 4 votes were all 3’s. Still, no team has held this firm a grip on the #1 spot since the Pittsburgh Steelers at the start of the season. The Saints won in convincing fashion over the Giants and have proved that they can win with both offense and defense and a lot of offense if the defense fails. They appear to be on a collision course with the Vikings (#2) in the NFC Championship game.

The Vikings edged out the Colts in a Tie Breaker for our #2 spot. (This is done by subtracting the highest and lowest vote for each team.) The Colts are still undefeated despite a soft schedule that includes teams such as Titans and the Bethesda Maryland Senior Citizens Home for the Blind. Scratch that, Bethesda is what the Titans have changed their name to.

The biggest leap this week goes to the Texans and the Steelers who both jumped 5 spots. This weeks Epic Fail Award goes to the NY Jet’s and their rookie QB Mark "Dirty" Sanchez after dropping 7 spots! The honorable mention of course, goes to the Washington Redskins for losing to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs…boy, what a disaster…uh…wait a minute…never mind.

How Homerific did we get after seeing our Chiefs finally get a win? Not too Homerific but we firmly believe the Chiefs are better than the Raiders, Redskins, Bucs, Browns, Lions, Titans and Ram…yet somehow we don’t think they could quite get by the Bills yet. Ah well. Another week, another shot at glory.

In other news, for you Broncos fans out there, and I know we have many of you reading; we have some news out of Mile High. Apparently coach Josh McDaniels is so jacked about being 6-0 and is so worried about losing momentum that he would like to invite you all to Mile High this Sunday where he will stand on the sideline with his headset on and simulate a make believe Broncos game, which he assures you the Broncos will win in convincing fashion. Following the victory McDaniels will rapidly start moving towards the stands pumping his fist over and over again until he either dislocates his shoulder or gets close enough to someone to punch them in the face. That, Denver fans, is how intense Josh McDaniels is.

Ok, on to the Rankings.

1. Saints (1.9)

What can you say, when you beat great teams you are as legit as they come. If Brees isnt winning the game the defense steps up and gives them a chance.

2. Vikings (2.6)*

Bet you $20 that the Ravens kicker hits that field goal with Tavaris Jackson as their QB. That’s how good Favre is.

3. Colts (2.6)*

Manning is on fire. The key for this team is getting up early then unleashing the pass rush.

4. Broncos (3.4)

How great would it be if, after their bye week, the Broncos dropped 6 in a row? Won’t be all sunshine and daisy’s in Denver if that happens.



 5. Giants (4.8)

Defense got a look at their deficiencies. They will need that when they meet the Saints again in January.


6. Patriots (6.3)

Made last week look easy in the snow. Brady put more records in the book

7. Falcons (6.4)

The Falcons are being consistent but not consistently great. they are in the middle of an important stretch of games that will determine if they are contenders or pretenders.

8. Steelers (8.2)

Big Ben is having a career year throwing the ball…when the defense comes around and believe me, it will, look out.

9. Bengals (8.6)

The Bengals are good but they need to be better if they hope to win a very talented AFC North.

10. Bears (10.9)

I'm not sure what to think about this Bears team after SNF's game. Perhaps if Orlando Pace doesn't fall down on that 4th and 1 play, there is a different outcome. What a bizarre play from a perennial probowler!

11. Eagles (12.3)

If you make JaMarcus Russell look good, you have problems. (I can't believe we lost to BOTH of those teams)

12. Ravens (12.6)

Heart breaking loss for the Ravens. They can play with the best in the NFL but now they need to show they can beat them.

13. Packers (13.5)

Sure they shut out a hapless Lions Team. At home. Coming off a Bye. However the same problems have plagued the Packers all year were evident; 5 sacks and 130 yards in penalties. Hell Turk McBride had 1.5 sacks!

14. 49ers (15.1)

The game against Houston will be a great test for San Fran. Gore is back and the 49ers are looking for to bounce back from the Atlanta drubbing.

15. Cardinals (15.3)

The Cards showed us last week why they went to the SB. But that was Seattle this is the Giants.

16. Jets (16.5) 

First three games Sanchez is a stud. Now, we see that rookies make mistakes

17. Texans (16.8)*

Great offense and inconsistent D…but if the defense comes around, watch out.

18. Cowboys (16.8)*

Hopefully spent the bye week getting their RBs healthy.

19. Chargers (18.4)

Philip Rivers, meet Brandon Flowers.

20. Dolphins (20.1)

Bye Week. Let's hope they get things together and show us last year wasn't a fluke.

21. Jaguars (20.5)

Jones-Drew is a beast but inconsistent QB + weak D x weak coaching = A weak team

22. Seahawks (22.8)

Ugly loss last week. The bye couldn't have come any sooner for the Hawks

23. Panthers (23.1)

The Panthers shortcomings are covered well by a great running game but this team has a lot of areas to fix and its actually worse then it appears.

24. Bills (23.9)

Barely beat the Jets in OT. They need to capitalize more on turnovers to be a better team.

25. Chiefs (25.5)

The Chiefs have won and are only a couple games out of the Wild Card race. The road to the Super Bowl started in Washington.

26. Raiders (26)

The Raiders proved that any team could win on any given Sunday. That being said, the Raiders also prove that they will lose on most given Sunday’s.

27. Lions (27)

I still think this is a good young team but it is definitely lacking something: Depth.  They looked horri-awful without Stafford and Megatron

28. Redskins (27.6)

Lost to the Chiefs, may be a matter of time for their coach. Good to see Todd Collins get out of the wheelchair for a half though.

29. Browns (28.7)

The defense is showing some signs of life but the offense pretty much doesn’t exist. There is a chance both Brady Quinn and Derrick Anderson will be playing elsewhere next season.

30. Titans (30.3)

In 11 + years of watching football I have never seen a team throw in the towel like the Titans did Sunday but hey, at least they have Chris Johnson.

31. Buccaneers (30.4)

It’s not getting any better. The defense still looks lost and this is going to get worse before it gets better.

32. Rams (31.2)

They took Jax to overtime. Good job. Now they get to play Indy after Manning had a week to prepare. Poisoned kool-aid anyone?



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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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