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Morning AP. I have to skip the tweets today and catch a train. I'm starting to think how nice it will be for LJ to run over a roid-free Merriman. Makes me smile just a little.

While disappointed in Kansas City’s 1-5 record, Hunt said he’s not discouraged about where the Chiefs are headed or their ability to catch and even surpass the Broncos someday.

"The difference is, if you look at their team a year ago, they were 8-8 and could have been a lot better," Hunt said. "We were 2-14. They came into the year with more talent, significantly more talent, than the Chiefs. Would I like to be in their shoes? Yes. Does it make sense they’re 6-0? Probably on some level it does. That’s what we’re aspiring to be, and I’m confident we have the leadership and the coaching staff to get us to that level.

Chiefs’ Hunt isn’t discouraged from KC Star

If your initials were K.S., then the spotlight fell on you at the Chiefs on Wednesday.

Kenny Smith spent his first day with his new teammates, signed by the Chiefs as a backup nose tackle and filling the roster spot that came open with the trade of Tank Tyler. For the 32-year old Mississippi native, it’s his first week on an active roster in six years.

Kolby Smith was back on the practice field for the first time this season, as the Chiefs activated him from the Physically Unable-To-Perform List. That’s where he’s been residing since the start of training camp as he rehabbed his right knee. He suffered a torn patella tendon in that knee against Tampa Bay last November 2nd at Arrowhead Stadium.

Mr. Smiths Go To Practice … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

Linebacker Derrick Johnson said Wednesday that he spoke with coach Todd Haley recently about being demoted, expressing his frustration with losing his starting job without reasons.

Johnson said his conversation with Haley was private, but he added that he remained discouraged by being a backup for the first time in his life. Johnson used his strongest words yet about the ordeal, which he said he hoped would improve soon.

Chiefs notebook | Derrick Johnson expresses frustration to Haley from KC Star

"The ones that have been a challenge for us in recent years have been the December games," Hunt said. "Denver is traditionally one of our most popular games. Since (Buffalo and Cleveland) are not division rivals or nationally prominent teams, they would logically be the ones we struggle with.

"It’s something that we’re going to have to battle. It’s an issue the entire National Football League is having to deal with. I’ve been struck as we go on the road to see so many empty seats in a building where there was never an empty seat — Washington being an example this past week.

"It’s something we have our attention on."

Sellouts could be problem for Chiefs’ late-season games from KC Star

"The first year after my father passed away was a challenge for me because I was just not used to it," said Hunt, at 44 the youngest owner in the NFL. "There's both the media side as well as public speaking engagements. There's a fair amount of both. That's just part and parcel of the job responsibility."

Now finally, he's feeling much more comfortable, and enjoying his ownership like never before.

"I like to think I've gotten a little more comfortable, which comes with the experience," he said.

He also figures that knowing the trouble he had adjusting to the demands of ownership has given him an appreciation for what his first-year management team of GM Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley are experiencing.

The three of them are practically the same age. And like their owner, Pioli and Haley had little experience dealing with the media and public.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt becoming more comfortable from The (other) AP

Kansas City Chiefs (259.2)

A dink and dunk approach hasn't worked so far for Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cassel, in his first season with the Chiefs after filling in for Tom Brady last year, has completed 57.4 per cent of his passes and thrown seven TDs to only two interceptions. Still, Kansas City is averaging less than 162 yards a game through the air and is last in the league in third-down conversion rate (21.4 per cent).

The Chiefs haven't got much from their running game, either. Larry Johnson is a shadow of his former self, averaging 2.7 yards per carry and failing to reach the end zone through six games.

NFL Top 5: Football's worst offenses from

I know what you guys are thinking: Huh? What? Are you kidding me?  You're an idiot? You're drinking the kool-aid! I know. Two weeks ago I would be thinking the same exact thing, but hear me out.

Seymour stated, "You can mark it down. The Raiders will be in the playoffs."

Now here's why Seymour's statement can carry some weight:

Number one. The Raiders are currently 2-4 but are actually a blown call from being 3-3. The standings reveal that the first wild card would be awarded to the Pittsburgh Steelers with a 4-2 record. The second wild-card would probably be awarded to the 3-3 New York Jets. That would put the Raiders a single game out of wild card contention.

Seymour's Comments Carry More Weight Than People Think from Bleacher Report

Kansas City rookie kicker Ryan Succop has already put the biggest performance of his pro career in the rearview mirror.

“The thing about being in the NFL is that things can change at any time, and I’m very aware of that,” Succop said in a phone interview Tuesday. “It’s not about what you did last week, but all about what you’re going to do this week.”

But quickly glossing over the USC product’s performance in Sunday’s 14-12 win at Washington is easier said then done.

After all, how many times does a rookie – much less a kicker – playing in just his sixth pro game, receive the game ball after a victory?

USC product Succop already looking ahead after big week from

Not meant to spark a "Why is Pollard gone" fight, but this quote does speak to communication between coaches and players.

Pollard is perhaps best known for delivering the hit that ended Tom Brady's season last year. But the 2006 second-round pick started each game for the Chiefs in 2008 and led the team with 98 tackles.

He found himself suddenly out of work when Kansas City released him before the season. Pollard still isn't sure why he was let go after starting all but one game in the last two seasons.

"It was very difficult," he said. "You don't know what's going on. You don't know who said what about you, you don't know how they labeled you. When you don't know, that's the worst thing."

Pollard has been so good since arriving in Houston that some of his teammates have even come to him wondering why he was let go.

Pollard takes advantage of second chance from The San Francisco Chronicle

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