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"It’s tough; you try to find your niche here and there, but in the second half we got moving," Johnson said. "I saw little things started to happen. I think we learned a lot from coach and he learned a lot from us as far as taking that approach.

"I’m pretty sure we can carry that mentality over. Now, we know what we are dealing with. "

The frustration of losing and not being able to produce for the offense is there for Johnson, but as he gets closer to his 30th birthday, he certainly seems to be handling the situation better than at any time in the past. There have been no tantrums, no bad body language and no finger pointing.

Time For L.J. To Produce … Friday Cup O’Chiefs from Bob Gretz

He was the No. 3 overall draft pick in April, Kansas City’s highest pick since 1988, when the team drafted another defensive end, Neil Smith. Jackson said he knows he’ll face high — and occasionally unreasonable — expectations. But he says he can’t concern himself with that, especially if he is ever to reach anything close to his potential.

"You really can’t focus on the draft or nothing," he said. "All that is over with now. I’ve just got to continue to get better."

Jackson not concerned with living up to high expectations from KC Star

I could care less what you say about me, the site or the Chiefs. Feel free to bash, criticize or dissect. But the personal attacks against other posters, the name calling and just silly playground mentality of some of the comments has reached a point that I can no longer ignore. If you do not like what somebody else has posted, then explain why without calling into question his heritage, his mother, his sexuality, his looks or his education. If you can’t manage that, then please go away.

A Message To Our Readers from Bob Gretz

"The last couple (of years), nobody would do anything about it," Johnson said. "I swear I was just sitting next to Monty Beisel, and I’m not sitting next to him anymore. There were a lot of guys I was sitting next to, seen, said hi to and they’re not here any more.

"They’re dedicated to always making this team better day in and day out. You always see this team changing. This from my perspective is the first time I’ve actually seen them try to do something about it right now rather than wait until the draft or whatever."

Chiefs notebook: Johnson says changes show team serious about winning from KC Star

Roster overview: The Giants have put together a mix of free agents and draft choices to create their roster that is now 15-5 over the last two seasons. Of the 22 starters, half come from New York choices in the NFL Draft. Still, only one of those 11 was a first-round choice, RCB Aaron Ross (1st-’07).

Opponent: New York Giants from Bob Gretz

“Oh, then I’m behind,” Boss said with a laugh. “Well, I’m behind on touchdowns at least.”

Perhaps this Sunday in Kansas City, he’ll catch up.

So far this season, the Chiefs have had a tough time covering the middle of the field. That’s where the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson gashed them last week for a few catches, including a 64-yard touchdown on a slant. It’s also where the tight end often roams and, in the case of the Kansas City defense this season, often roams freely.

NY Giants tight end Kevin Boss looking to exploit Kansas City Chiefs' weakness up middle from The New Jersey Star-Ledger

Remember the Browns! No T-shirts have been distributed with that slogan, but it’s a theme the Giants have incorporated into this week’s preparation for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. At 3-0, the Giants figure to have far too many answers for the 0-3 Chiefs. Of course, around this time a year ago the 4-0 Giants traveled to Cleveland, where they supposedly had far too much for the 1-3 Browns.

“We know full well what history has shown us,” Tom Coughlin said. “We talked about that — last year’s trip over to Cleveland. We know full well about that.”

Upset to Browns is red flag for Giants from The New York Post

When asked what he thought about Fox analyst Tony Siragusa criticizing him for supposedly tip-toeing, Jacobs held back.

"I don't care about analysts," Jacobs said. "They are analysts. They are going to say what they've got to say. I am here, we are 3-0, and that's all I am focusing on. I don't want to talk about the comment that was made by Tony Siragusa. I don't really care about a Tony Siragusa. Next question."

Giants' Brandon Jacobs tip-toes around comments made by Tony Siragusa from NY Daily News

It’s game time — in the grocery aisles.

Hy-Vee, which earlier this year wrested the Chiefs sponsorship title away from Price Chopper, is pouring it on this fall — with dancing to DJs, immense store displays, and Chiefs-related products and promotional events. Plus, all those billboards.

Jon Wendel, senior vice president of marketing for Hy-Vee, said even he was taken aback by the scope of the effort by the West Des Moines-based chain: 27 bright red billboards around town boasting “Hy-Vee: Home of the Chiefs.”

Grocery stores sink their teeth into sports team sponsorships from KC Star

Player Tweets

ToonIcon WOW. Michael Basdin. Talk topic : Incest.

Media and Fans

Jaecasino: #immakillmyself if I have 2 set threw another losing chiefs game

(reference to a song)

BryanCisler: The Chiefs offensive line makes "those good plays go bad." C'mon, amiright?

DanHurstVO: Man! What a great football weekend coming up! Well...except for the Chiefs getting their butt handed to them!

saulomite: How bad does the slate of games have to be for fox to show giants vs chiefs as the game sunday 10 am PST?? Colts vs. seahawks?

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