Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings Week 6; Cats and Dogs Edition


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Don't worry! As soon as Felix figures out this Rubix Cube he is going to explain to us just what the heck is going on in the NFL this season.

Welcome to Week 6 of our Arrowhead Pride Power Rankings! This year’s NFL season has been a wild ride so far. It is seriously raining Cats and Dogs. A phrase you may have been hearing a lot these days, or if you haven’t you will, is that "the bottom of the league has never been this bad." What does that mean exactly? It means a lot of teams stink. That may be obvious but let us take a look at the actual numbers. In our rankings the 20th ranked team is the Seattle Seahawks and the 32nd ranked team is the St. Louis Rams. Congratulations Missouri, you’re the new Ohio.  Rankings 20-31 covers 13 teams. These 13 teams have a combined record of 13-51! That’s right, they average one win a piece. That group doesn’t even include the 2-3 Dolphins who just got their 2nd win over the Jet’s which was enough to propel them to 18th.

Since things are so crowded at the bottom the same is happening at the top. The leagues top teams are literally feasting on the likes of the Raiders, Chiefs, Rams, Bucs and even Titans. What should we lean from this? Is nearly half the league really this bad and if so, what does that say about the top teams? Are the Broncos really suddenly Super Bowl Contenders or are they just competent with a little bit of luck? Are the Patriots finally running out of gas? The Colts are ranked # 2 but are they really that good? The Colts opponents thus far have a combined record of 8-16. We may not find out how good the Colts are till they get to the playoffs! Their opponents combined record the rest of the way? 24-31!

After 5 weeks all that we know is that we don’t know anything…except that Jamarcus Russel is not going to the Pro Bowl…ever.

Biggest jump of the week? The Bengals moved from the 12th spot to number 6. Epic Fail award goes to the Patriots and the Ravens who both slipped 5 spots to numbers 10 and 12 respectively.

On to the rankings. As always, feedback is welcome. Who do you think is #1?


1. Giants (2.2)

Coming out of the "Raider Bye" looking strong. Giants and the Saints play to prove who the best team in the league is.

 2. Colts (2.3)

The most complete team on both sides on the ball. Very, very scary

3. Vikings (2.6)

Great match up this weekend vs. Baltimore, which will be there biggest test to date with the best run Defense in the league vs. the best running back. Favre might again need to win this one on his own.

4. Saints (3.5)

Until they lose they will remain a top three team in the NFL and with how they are playing on both sides of the ball that may take awhile.

5. Broncos (5.6)

The 5-0 Broncos can play with the best of them. To quote Social Distortion "I was wrong".

6. Bengals (6.4)

The Bengals can’t afford to give up any ground with the Ravens and Steelers nipping at their heels but let’s be honest here; the Broncos aside, this is the surprise team of the year.

7. Eagles (6.9)

McNabb is back and looks good. They have the best problem you can have…too many capable quarterbacks.

8. Falcons (7.8)

Seems like a different Falcons team shows up every week but the important part is for the most part they're winning. We'll see how long they can keep it up.

9. Jets (9.8)

Sanchez has lost 2 straight for his team. Can he rebound and get the job done next week? I think so.

10. Patriots (10.1)

Brady couldn't get it done against the Broncos defense or no one could stop Brandon Marshall.

11. Bears (10.4)

Bears face the Falcons in the bright lights of Sunday Night Football. Last time Jay Cutler played on primetime he threw 72 interceptions. He also has a popped collar under his Bears Jersey.

12. Ravens (11.7)

The Ravens are reeling but they had better get it together quick. The AFC North is going to be no cake walk.

13. Steelers (12.2)

If I had told you that by Week 6 the Steelers would be ranked directly behind the Ravens in our Power Rankings you might have believed me. However if I then told you that they would be ranked 7 spots behind the Bengals you would have had me committed.

14. 49ers (14.7)

Now we get to see what kind of team the 49ers really are.

15. Packers (14.9)

Signing Taucher was a step in the right direction. The Pack better hope he can step in and be effective right away, because the Vikings are starting to run away with the division.

16. Chargers (16.5)

Coming off a bye week, the Chargers host the division leading Broncos. It's time for 2008's AFC West Champs to put up or shut up.

17. Cowboys (17)

Limped out of Arrowhead…Need a lot of improvement to prove they can compete with the top tier teams.

18. Cardinals (18)

Welcome back to the NFL Larry Fitzgerald. We missed you.

19. Dolphins (18.3)

Tried everything under the sun in their playbook and it worked well in the upset win against the Jets.

20. Seahawks (19.5)

"Hasselbeck, Hasselbeck he's our man, if he can't do it...we're screwed."

21. Jaguars (20.6)

Good one week, bad the next. Too inconsistent…8 or 9 wins is their ceiling.

22. Texans (21.1)

This team teases you so much and leaves u wanting more. But they are not good in the cutch.

23. Redskins (24)

Have not played a team with a prior win yet this season. If they become the Chiefs first win they may just get a change of leadership.

24. Panthers (24.2)

Panthers Win! And do so in fine fashion scoring the last 18 points of the game unanswered to beat the lowly skins.

25. Lions (25.1)

Lions played tough against the Steelers with backup Daunte Culpepper. Hopefully for Lions fans, Stafford and Megatron come back healthy, and soon.

26. Bills (25.7)

They are falling apart fast. Someone has to step up and lead this team. T.O. isn't the answer.

27. Titans (26.7)

Time to get Vince Young on the field. They get no pressure on the QB…most disappointing team of the year.

28. Browns (27.7)

The offense is still in flux with the QB changes and the Edwards trade but the Browns aren’t lying down. Their defense and special teams damn near knocked off the Bengals and helped them beat the Bill when their receivers caught only two balls….TWO.

29. Chiefs (29)

Chiefs vs. Redskins, in the battle of "Is Anyone Watching?" A KC win means Jim Zorn is most likely done. A Washington win means more of the same for the Chiefs. Not a lot of positives in this one.

30. Raiders (30)

Oakland is becoming a bad Vin Diesel movie. They look scary and tough, but you still know they love to rollerblade. A promising start to the season wasted.

31. Buccaneers (30)

Still a mess and that won't change anytime soon. A difficult schedule and playing in a pretty tough division doesn't help either

32. Rams (31.4)

Total Points scored this year: 34. Average score of opponent per game: 29. Can we count that as a victory?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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