AP Power Rankings Week 4: Murderers Row Edition



Well Chief fans we have some good news and some bad news and some worse news. We'll start with the good news because if we don't, after you hear the bad news the good news won't sound so good. Does that make sense? Whatever. Here goes. The good news is that the Eagles have a Bye this week so they can't hurt us anymore. The bad news is that the Chiefs stink and the worse news is that the Giants are coming to Arrowhead this Sunday and you can pretty much count on them to be as mean, of not meaner to the Chiefs than the Eagles were. Sigh.

Take solace in the fact that other than the Chiefs eventual disembowelment at the hands of the G-Men, there is some seriously exciting football to look forward to. We've got the Jet's who have been playing some seriously sick D going up against the Saints who have been playing some even sicker offense. Later that day for the afternoon game we will hopefully get to see the Broncos come crashing down to earth after getting smacked around by the Cowboys. For your night game you will hopefully get to see a very angry Steelers team take out some frustration on Philip Rivers. And of course, the main event on Monday night, Favre finally gets his shot at Green Bay. Unfortunately this one will take place in Minnesota and not in Green Bay but that will just sweeten the pot for Bret's return later this season. The pot will get especially sweet if the Vikings win. This game has something for everyone, whether you like Bret or not.

As for our Week 4 Power Rankings, well the panel doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up. Of the 9 voters (Generic Brand vanished this week) 4 different teams received first place votes. They were the Ravens, Saints, Vikings and Giants. The Saints actually received more first place votes than the Ravens but for the second week in a row Baltimore was more consistent as they hold on to the top spot by the skin of their teeth.

Things were tight other places as well. There were two ties with the 49ers edging out the Packers and the Cowboys winning the tiebreak over the Bears.

As for the Chiefs? Well, thanks to the Rams and Browns they avoided slipping to the basement for another week. Unfortunately they may find themselves there before they start to climb again.

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Compare our ranks to the guys over at ESPN here.

As always, we would love your feedback and thoughts.

1. Ravens (2.6)

Offense has finally arrived in Baltimore and for the defensivley challenged Patriots this should be a very frightening prospect.

2. Saints (2.7)

HUGE game for the Saints and the Jets this weekend. The leagues most potent offense battles arguably the leagues best defense. I'll be switching to this one once it gets too unbearable to watch the Chiefs sometime around the end of the first quarter.

3. Vikings (3.3)

[Crickets chirping] That's the sound of the national pundits who questioned why Childress wanted Favre. Tavaris Jackson takes them on that 80-yard drive with no time outs? I don't think so.

4. Giants (3.8)

Dominating performance against Tampa. If they can stay healthy they have a great shot for the Super Bow.

5. Colts (4.3)

I was way off base on this team. They are very potent, however, they still cannot stop the run on a contentious basis. But as long as they have number 18 under center, they are very scary.

6. Jets (4.4)

Can anyone stop Sanchez? 13 more to go!

7. Patriots (8.3)

New England took advantage of an Atlanta team playing off of their game.

8. Eagles (8.6)

Destroyed the Chiefs with a backup QB. They should jump up a few spots when they get healthy.

9. Falcons (9.2)

The Patriots needed last week's game more than the Falcons but it is a tough road ahead for the birds.

10. Broncos (12.3)

3-0, AFC West leaders. That's all I have to say about that.

11. Bengals (12.6)

The Bengals have a great chance to practice some new looks in their scrimmage against the Browns this Sunday.

12. Chargers (12.8)

Can they kick a hurting Steelers team in Pittsburgh?  We'll see...

13. 49ers (13.5)

It took a miracle play by one of the best teams in the league to beat the niners. This team is not going away.

14. Packers (13.5)

I hear there is a big revenge factor in this weeks MNF game vs the Vikings. Will Ryan Longwell make the Packers pay for turning their back on him? Only time will tell.

15. Cowboys (13.8)

Their D finally played to form against the Panthers. They still have to be consistent to have a shot.

16. Bears (13.8)

Big deal, they beat up on a Seneca Wallace led Seahawks team. Beat the juggernaut that is Detroit this weekend and I'll drink the Kool-aid.

17. Steelers (14.4)

It took a miracle play by one of the best teams in the league to beat the niners. This team is not going away.

18. Bills (18.5)

They had a tough challenger and lost. They need to prove next week that they are better than they appear. Can Marshawn Lynch come back and be productive?

19. Cardinals (18.7)

The Cardinals are the epitome of a hot and cold team. They just seem to be cold every time they play a good team.

20. Texans (19.5)

Very inconsistent. Good offense but turnovers are killing them.

21. Seahawks (21.5)

Wallace looked better and the box score doesn't look bad, but this team is just not the same without Hasselbeck.

22. Jaguars (21.7)

BIG WIN but the D is not as strong as it used to be. This team has to play perfect football to win.

23. Titans (22.1)

Not getting the breaks they were last year. No pressure from the.

24. Raiders (25)

Now that Garcia is back on the market, will Al swallow his pride and do the right thing? If so, these guys might get scary.

25. Dolphins (25.3)

They had a great game against the colts and lost. Horrible game against the Chargers and lost. Last year...say goodbye.

26. Redskins (26)

Lost to the Lions…Embarrassing.

27. Panthers (26.2)

See Buccaneers.

28. Lions (26.8)

HUGE win. This isn't a great football team, but getting that monkey of their back is huge for this team. Instead of focusing on ending the streak, they can focus on continuing to get better.

29. Buccaneers (29.7)

This team needs to find an identity quick or it is going to be a long season.

30. Chiefs (29.8)

1 down 3 to go.  It might get uglier before it gets anywhere near attractive.

31. Browns (30)

Dear Cleveland, Don't hire coaches after a failed stint with the Jet's. Love, Chief Fans. "Man Genius" may not make it through the season...too bad the same didn't happen to Herm.

32. Rams (31.5)

Can the Chiefs please play these guys? Please...

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