Are our coaches qualified for the task?

I was thinking about this. We keep changing player after player, but what about the coaches. Do they not accept any responsibility in this whole matter?

Lets look at our coaches and figure out if they are really qualified to turn our team into champions once again.


Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley -


  Todd Haley has never played football. He knows a lot about football from his father being with the Steelers organization for many years. In 6 years with the Jets, he really only held minor roles within the team. Then he goes to the Bears for 2 seasons only to coach the WR's. Then on to the Cowboys with his former HC Parcells. He is the passing game Coordinator and WR coach...once again pretty minor positions. The Cardinals hired him in 2007 as OC. Many know that Wisenhunt called the plays at first. So Haley has one true solid season as Offensive Coordinator with the Cardinals...who have two Pro Bowl WR's and a former SB Champion in Kurt Warner....of course the offense is gonna be great. So when you get down to the brass tax here, Scott Pioli hired a guy with no Head Coaching experience, no defensive exerience, and no playing experience to be our Head Coach.

Qualified - NO


Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast


After a year coming off our worst defensive output ever, we needed a sure fire defensive coordinator to come in and show the way. Clancy Pendergast started coaching in college. At Miss St. Southern Cal, and Oklahoma he held very minor learning positions. He broke to the NFL with the Oilers in 1995 as a control guy. His biggest responsibilities came next with the Cowboys. He was basically the secondary coach. He was doing that for 7 years. Then with the Browns he caoched the LB's for one season. Then he was hired on as a DC at Arizona. In Clancy's first year at Arizona the defense went from 32 in scoring defense to 12...a 130 point difference. In 2007 Arizona ranked 5th in run defense with 97.9yrds a game and set a modern day NFL record by holding Detroit to -18 rushing yards for one game. In 2008 Arizona led the league with 17 fumble recoveries, and tied for 5th with 30 takeaways. His defense also got 13 takeaways and 10 sacks during the 2008 playoffs while only allowing 72yrds a game in rushing.

Qualified - I would have to say Yes in the matter that he turned around a horrible Cardinals defense. He got them ranked pretty high in numerous catagories.


Position Coaches -

Tight Ends - Bob Bicknell

Bob was a TE himself in College. His dad was coach at Boston College for many years. His brother was coach at Fresno St. for many years. Bicknell was Asst. Off Line coach, Offensive Line coach, Running back coach, over his years at Boston U, Frankfort, Berlin, and Cologne of the NFLE, and Temple. He is over qualified in my mind. I think he is very capable of leading our TE corp.

Defensive Asst. - Ronnie Bradford

Bradford was a 9yr veteran of the NFL. He played CB and Safety for the Donkeys, Falcons, Cardinals and Vikings. He coached with the Donkeys from 2003 - 2008 as ST and DB coach. He is definately qualified for a DA role with our team.

Asst Offensive Line - Joe D'Alessandris

Joe has coached the Offensive Line his whole career. A couple seasons he was Offensive Coordinator. His whole career has been in the College ranks. I think a guy who has devoted his life to the offensive line is capable of being the Asst. I say over qualified.

Offensive Line - Bill Muir

First off, this dude graduated College in The Chiefs are his 15th team to coach for. 7 college and 8 NFL. That counts two stops with the Bucs. His positions ranged from Offensive Line, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Line, Defensive Coordinator, Pro Scout, and Asst Head Coach. This dude knows football inside and out. My main concern is that the game has passed him by. The NFL is not like it used to be when he came to the league in '78. I say he is definately qualified but is the wrong man for the job. He is too old and just needs to give it up.

Linebackers - Gary Gibbs

He was with Oklahoma from 1972-1994 as player(LB), GA, LB coach, DC, to eventually the Head Coach from '89 - '94. Then he went to Georgia as DC for one year then to LSU as DC for one year. Then he ventured to the NFL for the Cowboys from 2002 - 2005 as LB coach, he then spent two uneventful seasons with the Saints DC. I say he is definately qualified for the LB coach job. He played the position and has coached it for many years.

Special Teams - Steve Hoffman

Steve was a QB, RB, WR, and Kicker/Punter for Dickenson College....he was the true "Slash". Steve was the kicking coach at Miam U. from '85-'88. Then he went to the Cowboys from '89-'04. He was everything from Off/Def quality control to the kicking coach. He was with the Cowboys during there 3 SB wins. His last 3 years he was with the Falcons and Dolphins as Asst. Special Teams. Ryan Succop couldnt ask for a better kicking coach. But I believe he is lacking in the return game. I think he is qualified for kicking coach as Succop has showed the evidence. He needs to show he can get these guys better field position or be shown the door.

Defensive Line - Tim Krumrie

Tim played DT at Wisconsin from 1979-1982 and played for the Bengals from 1983-1994. In 1995 he took a coaching job with the Bengals as Defensive Asst. then the DL coach from 96-02. He was in Buffalo from 03-05 as DL Coach. Then to us. A lot of guys cant stand Krumrie. I am a fan of his. I love his style of coaching. He knows the Defensive Line....he has been either playing it or coaching it longer then most of us have been alive. He was a two time Pro Bowler. He is in the Wisconsin Hall of Fame and still holds the record for most solo tackles and career tackles by a Defensive Lineman. In the NFL (12 seasons) he had 1017 tackles 34.5 sacks 13 fumble recoveries 11 forced fumbles and 10 passes defended. In Cincinnati he played and coached for Dick Lebeau. Krumrie is blamed for last years sack depletion. I cant blame Krumrie for that. He has shown that he can coach the guys....he had Hali and Allen on the right track before Herm destroyed what Gunther and Krumrie could have did. Tim Krumrie is totally if not over qualified.

Defensive Quaility Control - Pat Perles

He was a LB at Michigan State 83-86. He had stints with three teams in the CFL as Offensive Line Coach. His latest job was with North Dakota State. He was Offensive Line/Running game coordinator 03-04 and then promoted to Offensive Coordinator from 05-08. This guy seems to be in the right position to learn the NFL. Although he was the defensive quality control for the LA Rams in 92-93. With all his offensive experience this really doesnt make sense. But he adds a lot from both sides of the ball. I say he is qualified.

Offensive Quality Control - Nick Sirianni

Nick was a WR for Mount Union College 00-03. He then took a job at his college as DB coach from 04-05. Then he went to Indiana U. as WR coach from 06-08. Seems like a good kid. Probably a Haley apprentice being they have the WR position in common. I say qualified.

Wide Reciever Coach - Dedric Ward

Ward was a WR for Northern Iowa 93-96. He then went to the NFL from 97-04 playing for numerous teams. He started coaching at Missouri St. in 2006 as WR coach,  then went to the Arizona Cardinals 07-08 as Offensive Quality Control. He played for both Pioli and Haley teams as a player. He seems to be a lock from his background with the management. I will say he is qualified for his NFL experience.  

Assistant Head Coach - Maurice Carthon

Carthon was a RB at Arkansas St from 79-82. He played in the NFL until 1992. He started coaching with the Patriots in 1994 as Off asst then Running Backs. He went to the Jets in 1997 to coach RB until 2000. He went to the Lions as RB coach in 2001 and OC in 2002. He then went to Dallas as RB/OC in 03-04. Then took the Browns OC job from 05-06. Then he went to the Cardinals as RB coach from 07-08. I say this guy is not qualified at all. He has coached RB and been a not very good OC. He is a product of the Pioli Parcells Haley connection.


As you can see most of these guys are qualified for their postition. The point I am trying to make is that I dont think they are over qualified enough. I dont see any of our guys leaving to be a HC, OC, DC, anywhere else. To be a championship team you need champion coaches. Look at just about all SB winning teams. They had all star coaches. Most of whom have already left for bigger roles elsewhere. Parcells, Belichick, Dungy...etc. Those guys have coaches everywhere in the NFL. They all have SB rings too. You cant just have mediocre coaches and expect to have a great product show up on the field.

I love Todd Haley as a coach. But he is not the right guy. Not right now. We need a guy with experience of winning. With experience of handling responsibilities. We need an OC. Scott Pioli knows this better than anyone. He knows how good his staff was in NE.

I would love to hear you guys oppinion on this matter.

Should we be turning over the coaches instead of the players? Could we have landed better qualified coaches if we didnt have the Parcells Pioli Haley connection.?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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