A Special PARADE Journalistic Interwebular Commentary: Because ESPN hasn't sucked for years?

Some brief ed. background: This was originally in the comments section here, of Chris's "Shanahan 'Definitely' Won't Coach the Chiefs" story, and was a response to commenter Lanier63's comment:

So at what point is ESPN going to publically admit

that their reporter jumped the gun and aired a baseless story? The sports world doesn’t need the trash reporting that CNN, MSNBC and all the other liberal media outlets practice and tend to create news more than just report it. Shame on ESPN and shame on Chris Mortenson!

This isn't meant to pick on Lanier, a venerable member of the AP, nor is it political, so don't start, its about how we just accept the crap product that the mainstream media puts out and defends with politicizing.  There's no reason for that, it's just an inability to compete and so their content suffers massively at the hands of their form regardless of who owns them, and sports is the perfect example of that:


Welcome to the world... Viva la Revolucion de los Deportes!



Seriously, ESPN or any sports media for that matter is completely driven by their ownership, moreso than even the partisan cable networks.  Disney has been marketing espn to be athlete image & family friendly for years as pointed out by websites such as (whose editor is pictured above and who covers a number of controversies espn won't touch) and (inspired by the Joe Namath drunken come on to Suzy Kolber that espn buried in the interest of not tarnishing ole Broadway Joe).

Now, understandably sports writers are up their with gym teachers in the competition for the lowest intellectual credibility in their professions (note the obvious exception of the part-time contributors: Hunter S. Thompson, George Will, etc.); however, the 'quality' of their reporting is irrespective of bias.

First, the 'liberal media bias' exists because journalism majors are overwhelmingly liberal and their profession relies on the vigorous exercise of the 1st amendment (a chicken and the egg situation).  That said Olberman, who made ESPN great back in the day, when you might posit they had credibility, is now neck and neck with Bill O'Reilly for biggest partisan hack, and is operating on "liberal" MSNBC (where ironically, the MS (Microsoft) that donated 2.4m to Bush 2's 2000 campaign, and the NBC's parent corp. GE that donated 1.1m to the same).

That said, SI, who Peter King writes for (Chris's 'credible' source here), is actually CNNSI (and CNN in turn is owned by Time-Warner/AOL that donated 1.6 to the 2000 Bush campaign).  To be fair CNN is just as ridiculous if not more so than FOX news when it comes to domestic politics.

Interestingly enough, we saw an interview with Fox owner Rupert Murdoch's biographer that claims a lot of Murdoch's recent 'softening' conservativism (badmouthing Bill O'Reilly in private & trying to buy the NYTimes) has to do with divorcing his former wife (apparently a mel gibson like arch conservative Australian Catholic) and picking up a new swinging flamingly liberal gold-digger girlfriend (ed. note: gold-digger was my interpretation of the biographer's intimation repeating how "young" she was).

Also, Peter King, while the "biggest" source to weigh in on the story probably doesn't deserve the 100% tag, especially after his flailing around on Favregate last year.  Still Chris is right in maybe giving him a 99.9% tag since he's pretty much the top football beat guy at least for CNNSI [barfs in mouth slightly at recognizing Peter King].

Bringing it back to ESPN, Kenny Mayne and the commercials are about the only redeeming factor Disney has seen fit to keep it interesting.

In short, the world is changing, we'll take the Caroline Kennedy thing as unavoidable, when the old grey lady (NYTimes) jumps the gun (liberal as they may be) we'll give it up as a victim of our 24 hr. news cycle.  You just can't cover stories that complicated with minute to minute reports.

Which is why, we're not counting out Shanahan yet.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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