Herm Edwards Firing Roll Call

What a day....

Roll Call: RoyalsRetro, sexassassin, rustdog, KCFanatic, Grand Master A, Chris, ChiefDJ, webby37, stram#1, chiefs24, Offense of the 70s, primetime 07, UCrawford, chiefstatnut, ryan_andersen98, CALIFAN1986, RAM_Doubler, Chiefs n Chopper, saskwatch, THE_TRUTH, cx2chad, RoyalChief8569, cbrown22, ktr17x, ArrowDread, DThomasReigns, ChiefsfaninVan, paratrooper, SFCBurkhart, sm7600, oldchiefsfan, mikvogel, HOF4DT58, Mully, HIV 2 Elway, Buck'O, ChiefMedic, cheeeeefs, PSUkegreen, jrodwoody, beiconsult, CBaller13, NESilver, Eric Allen, dkugler838, Matt_Grbac, thewaffle1, Nelly, KC4Life, cah05, skywalker, Sudden, G.L., greevesjr, dklogue1, CMatthews, ColoradoChief, Shawn, JacinB, Lanier63, Ilamuku, jboot1, Kallor, REMWHEN, DonnyDonovan, chrisjo07, Dustin SLO,CA, Aejfan, KansasCityShuffle, chiefsfan1384, woodman212, kcchiefsfan56, FrankPitts, sir eccles, ashleylat, GHOST OF DT, Sparbs, Rev. Slappy, TXChiefan, TheQ, KHAZAD, route 66
Total Users: 82
Total Posts: 564
Total Threads: 2

Name # of Posts
UCrawford 52
woodman212 32
ryan_andersen98 31
primetime 07 29
saskwatch 26
Eric Allen 24
paratrooper 24
Buck'O 19
ChiefDJ 15
ArrowDread 15
Lanier63 15
PSUkegreen 14
Nelly 14
CMatthews 13
jrodwoody 12
CBaller13 12
RAM_Doubler 12
SFCBurkhart 9
oldchiefsfan 9
Grand Master A 9
ChiefMedic 8
Matt_Grbac 8
webby37 8
chiefs24 7
HIV 2 Elway 7
HOF4DT58 6
KC4Life 6
Chris 6
Dustin SLO,CA 6
sir eccles 6
FrankPitts 5
KCFanatic 5
cah05 5
beiconsult 4
cx2chad 4
DThomasReigns 4
Rev. Slappy 3
cbrown22 3
RoyalChief8569 3
skywalker 3
sexassassin 3
chiefstatnut 3
jboot1 3
NESilver 3
ChiefsfaninVan 3
ColoradoChief 2
Offense of the 70s 2
Shawn 2
chiefsfan1384 2
Sudden 2
cheeeeefs 2
dkugler838 2
Sparbs 1
route 66 1
KansasCityShuffle 1
ashleylat 1
stram#1 1
TheQ 1
TXChiefan 1
rustdog 1
kcchiefsfan56 1
Aejfan 1
JacinB 1
thewaffle1 1
G.L. 1
ktr17x 1
RoyalsRetro 1
mikvogel 1
sm7600 1
greevesjr 1
dklogue1 1
Kallor 1
DonnyDonovan 1
Ilamuku 1
Mully 1
Chiefs n Chopper 1
chrisjo07 1

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