President To-Do List

No, no, this is not a list for Obama, but rather the new president of the Chiefs.  We all know Carl was the overlord of all operations around Arrowhead, but since he has been dethroned, his duties are now split.  We know Pioli is now in charge of the football side of things, and there has been much discussion on AP about what he needs to do.  But what about the busness side of things at Arrowhead?   I dont know who is in charge of the busness operations (Denny Thum?), but whoever it is, they will surely be just as busy as Pioli.  I wanted to help, so I compliled a short list of things to get him started. 

-Freeze ticket prices- Tickets have gone up every year of the 18 I've been a season ticket holder, now at $79 for an upper level seat.   For what?  Herm and 2-14 record?  I could understand if the Chiefs were bringing home trophies, maybe.  But with a team this bad, it is not time to gouch fans' wallets.

-Finish construction-  Anyone who went to Arrowhead saw a scene straight outta  Baghdahd out there.  The Chiefs should be running double shifts to finsh construction.  No reason not to be ready  before opening day THIS year.

-No more parking nazis- If you tailgated at Arrowhead this year, chances are you were accosted or harrassed by the parking staff.  This years staff was unnesscarily aggressive and unreasonable.  I understand some people would like help parking, but when people have the same tailgate plans for decades, let them be.  The tape all the way into the parking spot is a little excessive.

-More tailgating- Lots used to open 4 hours before kickoff.  Now its 3.5.  What gives?  That last half hour is crucial.  Lots should be open at least 4 hours before, if not more. 

-Chiefs Marching Band-  The TD Packband is no more.  I have to say thank goodness.  They were seriously lacking in heart and talent.  Patti Dipardo is a terrible singer.  Also, letting an opponent bang on your bongos is not cool.  Show some pride and protect your bongos!  The Chiefs have always tried to embrace the college atmoshpere, so I propose the Chiefs put together their own marching band.  I believe the Ravens are the only NFL team to have one.  But a hometown marching band would be baddass!  Maybe the Chiefs could work a deal with local legends, The Marching Cobras.  They could be in charge of the halftime shows and never again would we have to endure the geriatric Jazzercise dancers. 

-No more KC Wolf- Sorry, but the shtick is old and played out.  I get it, you shake your belly, jump on a Broncos fan and ride off on a 4 wheeler.  Its been the same gig for years.  With a marching band, we wouldnt have to endure another one his lame halftime show either.  And by the way, what are you?  A wolf?  A racoon?  Some sort of nutria? 

-Bring back Warpaint!- Old fans will remember, Warpaint was badass!  With KC Wolf out, bring back Warpaint and have him do some laps around the field, and get everyone hyped.  He may not be culturally sensitve, but he sure was cool!

-More fireworks and flyovers- What needs to be said?  Always kick ass!

This is just a short list to help get started.  Im sure Im leaving some things off.  But if the new president does these few things, business will be booming again at Arrowhead.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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