Gonzalez being PC about his future

“As far as I know, I’ll be a Chief next year,” Gonzalez said. “Depending on what Clark (Hunt) wants to do, if he wants to blow this whole thing up and bring in a new coaching staff and bring in a new coordinator with that and bring in a new quarterback in the draft, that all weighs into whether or not I want to be a Chief next year.

Well Tony, I think we all know that bringing in a new GM will make at least ONE or more or ALL of these changes. You've left the door open about your decision, but that's a lot to ask from the organization IMHO. I think we all know that the chances of everything staying "status quo" isn't going to happen. I'll read between the lines and say that TG will not want to be here and ask for a trade. That's fine. He's being very political and not wanting to end up looking like a bad guy. But, that's too many demands/requests.

“There are some really good coaches on this staff. I want Herm back, I want (offensive coordinator Chan Gailey) back. I want my position coach, Jon Embree, back.

So we can add position coach into the mix as well.

“If they don’t want to let me go, they don’t have to let me go and I’d have to deal with it. I’d still come back and play hard. But there’s only one year left in that. If they want to get something for me, that’s when I would say, ‘Why don’t you get something for me?’

Hint, Hint...wink, wink Clark/New GM.

“If he (Tyler) gets a whole offseason and gets the (practices) and the whole camp and gets his confidence going that he’s going to be the guy, then I think he can be a pretty good quarterback in this league for a long time.”

I agree. Let me add, if he wins the spot. He needs to get a lot of things going. I don't see it, but if he does I'll support him as well. That's a lot of "If's". Fix the long ball Tyler. Look at your third option as well on the field.

Twenty years as a general manager of an NFL team, that’s unheard of, especially nowadays.

Yeah, we know.


I know the vast majority wants Tony back. All I'm saying by commenting on the above is to not get too heartbroken if Tony ends up getting traded/retires or whatnot. We've all had hope for this team for many years and had favorite players and have gone through the bad times as Chiefs fans together. I guess I'm saying, don't get your hopes up. If he stay's....great! But don't get heartbroken if he leaves. It's business.




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